Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamers

Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamers

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is healthy food

The vegetables are good. Like most people said they can be quite expensive however I buy them whenever they are on sale. It is easy to make since you can cook them in the bag. It allows for the vegetables to stream which is healtheir for you.

Very expensive and not enough veggies in the package for a family of 4. Otherwise the taste is fresh and yummy. If you can afford it or have a smaller family I would recommend it.

These are always very very good and so easy to fix. Have to keep some on hand for any occasion.

Love them. Only get them when we have coupons.

healthy ,easy to prepare veggies . love the product !!!

Easy to use healthy steam able veggie.

My daughter loves these, I just can't afford them often.

We love the convenience of steamers as well as the fresh taste. We grow our own produce every year, but I don't always have the time to cook fresh veggies so I always keep these in the freezer for those hectic nights when time is short in the kitchen.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE anything green giant

My family loves these steamers. A good variety to choose from and ready in 6 minutes. A tad pricey but you are paying for the ease of the product. Usually stock up on them when they are on sale

I love these vegetables. I like how you can get a large assortment of flavors and how fast they are to make at dinnertime!

So fresh and they taste delicious! I used to chop and steam the vegetables that we eat on a regular basis every night and it is a bit time consuming so one night I decided to try these to see if my fiance would notice, it turns out he liked these even more. His comment was "You must have got these from the farmers market, they taste so delicious!" We just love these and have these just about every night of the week!

These are great for a quick steamed vegetable to serve with dinner and I use them all the time. It makes weeknight dinner prep quick and simple.

My family really enjoys the broccoli and cheese steamers, and this makes dinner preparation so much easier.