Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamers

Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamers

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Love Steamers! So easy to make - just pop ion microwave for a few minutes and you have fresh tasting veggies to go with your meal.

Steamers are a great product! So easy to make, and they taste delicious!

I refuse to eat canned veggies. Frozen only for me. Canned Only Black beans/corn in soup. I LOVE these steamers. The corn is like Fresh, fresh, fresh! The potato's are yummy!

Green Giant is my favorite veggie that you can steam! I can (and often do) eat a whole 12 oz bag myself. What a yummy and healthy indulgence! Getting my veggie servings in for sure.

so yummy and healthy!

These are great tasting and easy to make on a night when we are pinched for time!

cheaper and easier than preparing fresh vegetables. Tastes good too, without the mess.

I love the broccoli, cheese, cauliflower, & carrots. I eat a whole bag in one sitting and if not leftovers are just as delicious.

Love these Steamers! I get them all the time, so easy to make and so good also!

This is such an easy way to put vegetables on your plate fast !

I love the fact that they steam in the bag making cleanup easy! My family eats some variety of these at least twice a week with dinner, sometimes more. I am constantly on the go with my kids and these enable me to cook dinner at home instead of running through a drive-thru.

I make these almost every night. They taste great and no pots to clean.

So fast and easy. Yummy!! I love broccoli and cheese!

If you live on your own or just don't have to time to prepare a time consuming meal this is the product for you. If I'm not buying fresh veggies I'll only buy Green Giants Frozen Veggies and they're Valley Fresh Steamers are fantastic. I love the mixed veggies one with broccoli, cauliflower, carrots and cheese. You just place it in your microwave and in just a few minutes you have fresh, hot, veggies. I've many times eaten the whole bag. Or I've added cooked chicken or sausage to the bag for a complete meal. And did I say they taste Great!

These frozen veggies are so helpful in my busy kitchen. Just pop them in microwave with no worries, they come out perfect every time! The selection is great, especially like the choices that do not have the sauce.