Gillette Venus Spa Breeze Razor

Gillette Venus Spa Breeze Razor

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Love these disposable razors..... I do use them way more than once!!

Love it! I use it all the time.

Venus are my fave razors, I love them and it's the only brand I'll buy. These keep your legs and other areas smooth and silky!

suprised how smooth it is and honestly how much longer it takes for the hair to grow back!! i gave one to my tween and she has never cut herself using! best razor to date!

I've been using this razor for years and just love it! My legs feel so silky and soft. I've tried a few in between and they do not compare. Don't waste your money on anything else.

This is the best razor I have ever used. It feels like the first time I shaved, everytime I shave! I can go weeks without changing a blade. It may be a little expensive, but with some coupons, and the fact that the sharpness lasts so long, it is well worth the money. The handle has a nice grip so it doesn't slip out of your hand. I will continue buying these. I would recommend!

good razor but the refills are prohibitive due to the cost

Until I found this razor I would use my husband's Gillette Fusion razor because "ladies" razors always cut my legs up. The Venus razor doesn't leave one nick, not even on your knee caps which is the trickiest area to shave!

This is my Fav Razor By far, I have gotten my mom and friends to use this razor also and they love it. I have 2 1 at my house and 1 at my boyfriends!

LOVE THIS! Best razor ever!

I love this razor so convenient and it works I need reading glasses usually to shave my legs to get to all the lather etc. With or with out my glasses using this razor i get a successful smooth to the touch shave. My legs and I love this razor

I love this razor and the way my legs feel after so smooth it's great and a wonderful value . there are always coupons in the paper and online Try it youself you will be pleased

I really liked using this razor, the ease of it was incredible at first with the built in shaving cream! The only negative, is that sometimes when I used it I would itch a little on certain parts of my legs. Maybe my skin was too dry or maybe I should have not used it everyday.. Overall, thought is was a good product.

I've been using this razor for about a year now. I LOVE IT! Definitely worth the price and of course saving on shaving creme is a huge plus!

I bought this for my daughter who just started shaving and i wanted her to have something safe and easy to use. She loved it the nice big handle makes it easy for her to grip and the wire wrapped blades made me feel safer about her using it without fear of her cutting herself. All in all a wonderful product.