Aveda Naturally Straight

Aveda Naturally Straight

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I live in Mobile, Alabama which is a very humid place and my hair is naturally curly/wavy. I was excited to be able to test the project, unfortunately, it did not work for me.

This was not the product for me. It made my hair take longer to dry and when it was dry it was very stiff, thick and almost sticky. It made it look greasy. I don't have super curly hair but I for have natural waves. I didn't even use my straightener after drying because it was straight and I was afraid it would look even greasier. Probably works better for people with very curly hair.

The product smells nice and works into your hair easily - but - that is where the compliments stop. My hair seemed duller and felt heavy - but - was just as frizzy as before. I have really long hair (to my waist) and this just was not a product for me.

This product provided no change to my hair type. It does have a nice smell but did not straighten or reduce frizz.

I was very excited to try this product, but it did not meet my expectations. My hair was more frizzy after blow drying and perhaps even curlier. I didn't feel like it provided any moisture to my hair.

This didn't work at all for me.

I did not like this product at all. It made my hair unmanageable. I have slight wave in my hair so by using this product, my hair got very stiff and looked unhealthy. I though it had a build up because I felt my hair was dirty all the time. I did not like the way my hair looked when I woke up. The time to dry and iron my hair was not changed by using this product.

I was hopeful for this product as I know brand is a good one. I did not find that it lived up to the name. It made my hair feel tangled and there was hardly a scent to the product. I will definitely try something else but not this.

It held my curls together nicely and made my hair less fluffy and frizzy. But I gave it a one star because it's advertised goal was straight hair and it didn't help with that at all. Drying and flat ironing took the same amount of time and my hair was always curly as ever after ever washing. Just spraying my hair with heat protectant spray before flat ironing seems to protect it just as well and costs much less.

Smells good. That's about all I can credit this product for. It made my hair feel greasy (although it did not look greasy). Did not last the number of washes it claims. After applying twice, my hair still frizzed in humid weather. Also made my hair look dull, not shiny.

Did not like this, my hair felt greasy.

I hate to be the girl to give this a lower review, but I was definitely underwhelmed. I love Aveda products, but it felt like this one just weighed my hair down too much. It kept the frizz away, which was great, but in turn it made it difficult to brush, doubled the blow dry time and didn't actually make my hair any straighter (I have naturally wavy hair).

I received a full size sample of this product from Shespeaks, thank you very much. My hair is frizzy in just about any type of weather, so I was excitedly hopeful when this product came in. I will give you the positives first: 1. It has a nice smell, like Aveda products usually do 2. It is not tested on animals 3. It made the frizz around my crown lie flat The negatives, 1. It did nothing for the rest of my head 2. If I wanted my hair to be flat, I still had to use my flat iron. ALOT! 3. If I am going to spend the money on a product to straighten my hair, I do not want to have the exact same routine as I did if I didn't use the product. I love Aveda products, but this one was a disappointment to me. Glad to see it worked for the others :)

I was eager to try this product as I've been wanting a more gentle way to get my curly hair straight without using a flat iron. I followed the directions but this didn't work. My hair was still very curly and I ended up having to use hairspray and a ton of gel. When I tried using as much of this product as my hair "needed" to keep the frizz away, it made my hair greasy. I would recommend this if you have simply wavy hair or use a flat iron. However, I don't like to flat iron my hair b/c it dries it out so much. I think I'll just remain a curly girl. Curls are gorgeous, anyway!

I just got the email from SheSpeaks with directions.. I wish I had them yesterday because my opinion is already formed. I was excited to use this because I'm tired of the damage that the flat iron does to my hair... however, the instructions on the actual bottle say - THOROUGHLY APPLY. I am a girl from the early 90s. My nickname was Rooster because believe me.. this girl knows how to thoroughly apply something (i.e. hairspray) ... lol I didn't go nuts, but I did use about 2 dime sized amounts in my hair. Dried it the rest of the way. Flat Ironed it. My hair felt so greasy the rest of the day.. I was so bummed. My hair felt icky and not clean... which made me feel icky. I joked with some friends saying that some people want their arse to look good in a pair of jeans, their tatas to be perky, etc... my thing is my hair... and a bad hair day is not good. lol I'm going to share my bottle with a friend though who is a mix ethnicity to see if it works better for her hair. Fingers crossed. I did also ask other friends of mine who received this and they seem to not have any problems. (This review doesn't really help does it.. lol) Anywho - I'd suggest updating the directions on the bottle and removing the word THOROUGHLY.