Summer's Eve Simply Soft feminine Wipes

Summer's Eve Simply Soft feminine Wipes

              Rated #7 in Feminine Care
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Must have I love summer's eve products they do keep you fresh and removes odor just like it says but the best part is that it's ph balanced. These wipes are great for on the go when you just need to freshen up after a long day or if it's that time of the month. You can't go wrong with these wipes they're like a must have.

An essential for "that time of the month". I do not need to go into detail, but we all know that sometimes that extra boost is needed to feel fresh. This gets the job done, and is not irritating. Plus, the tiny individual packs make it easy to just put in your purse to take with you.

Not Sure About Sensitive Sounds like a great idea, but I was unable to use. I had an allergic reaction to them. I did give my box to a friend who loved them. For those who have sensitive skin I would be very cautious.

These are great! I carry a few in my purse, car, pocketbook. They have a great feminine scent that is gentle and perfect for when you need a touch up. I used to use baby wipes and carry a pack of those, but after discovering these, I made a switch.

Nice I use these a lot for on the go. In my bag, at work, any time I'm moving or won't be home throughout the day. They are compact and very refreshing.

I like to use then when I'm on the go. Small enough to carry any where. The scent is great because its a light scent not to strong. Helps with the odor after a workout or just in case you wanna smell good or be clean down there. I mostly use them after a workout and during or after period.

Refreshing Great to keep in the purse for on the go freshness. Light scent and clean feel.

Great Great product for anytime on the go. When you're out and about and want to freshen up. Don't settle for a baby wipe! We are women!!!

Wipes Love these works great and are easy to take anywhere

Convenient I love this product it comes in handy when your on the go. They definitely come in handy during the summer months. The scent is not too harsh which is a big plus.

feel fresh Love these alot I carry them with me so that I can feel fresh through out my day especially when mother nature is visiting great product so glad summers eve made these

Feeling refreshed This a great product! Keeps you feeling clean and refreshed! I use then during my period! I also use them when I feel sweaty!! I would definitely recommend this to everyone!

These wipes are very useful when you need to freshen up during the day and they smell really good.

Good product These are great because they smell nice but the scent isn't harsh or overpowering. I've had no problem with irritation or stinging from this product. They are discreet and effective. The price is good. I get them from my local Family Dollar store. Sometimes you can even find coupons in the paper or on the internet to save even more. I love the fresh clean feeling I get from these wipes.

These are by far one of my go to brands in feminine cleansing cloth. It leaves me feeling clean and comfortable.