Silk  Pure Almond Unsweetened

Silk Pure Almond Unsweetened

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I buy this almost every time I go to the store. It is my lactose intolerant family's favorite milk! Great taste, ingredients and price.

Love Silk Almond milk! I buy this stuff when I can't make my own.

I absolutely LOVE this stuff. It is a wonderful alternative to milk. Too much milk does not sit well with my stomach because of digestive issues so I switched to this and I love it. It is much better than the other substitutes I have tried. It is healthier than regular milk and also sits much longer.

I have PCOS and I love my bowl of cereal in the morning but I can't do dairy at all. This has changed my life. Dairy milk would irritate my stomach to the point of throwing up but Silk Unsweetened Almond Milk has allowed me to enjoy my cereal again. It's much smoother and lends to the flavor of my cereal.

When you ask people "What is your favorite beverage?" they usually give you a type of soda or juice (and there are those few who say water). My go-to beverage for drinking is milk. You can easily say that it's an addiction. I grew up on Cow's Milk. However due to my son's lactose intolerance, I had to make a change. We bought a few cartons of different types of milk (soy, almond, rice, hemp) and the only one that my family has really came to enjoy is Almond Milk. It's so sweet and yet so creamy. It's like paradise for your tastebuds.

I love Silk Almond Milk! I am lactose and I am so happy to find such a yummy "milk" for my cereal and everything I cook that calls for milk!

Pretty good! I shuffle between many non-dairy milk brands and Silk has been consistent lately and has become more available in conventional grocery stores. I'm glad to see Silk branching out into more plant-based milk products and producing products with shorter, less additive-filled ingredient lists

I love this stuff!! Never thought I would say this but, it true. It's better on cereal than regular milk any day..

This milk is absolutely delicious, and I love the low calorie count. It's easy on the stomach and goes down smooth. It's also perfect for adding to smoothies!

I really like almond milk in recipes. The thing I like most about almond milk is it is so much healthier then milk. It also is AWESOME in smoothies. Our house loves it!

This is so great!!! It's healthy for your body! We all know that some cows are injected with bacteria to alter the milk, so this was a great choice for me. My mother has been buying it since I was a child and my Husband loves the chocolate flavor.

I have tried several different kinds of Almond milk and this has been the best tasting!

The only milk I use. Healthy, and tastes good.

I love this milk! It's so much healthier than cow's milk! More calcium!

I love this milk! All natural ingredients, naturally low in calories and sugar. In general, I don't drink milk much, but when I do (in coffee, cereal, or smoothies), almond milk tastes great.