Silk  Pure Almond Unsweetened

Silk Pure Almond Unsweetened

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Definitely an acquired taste. my mom loves it but i just couldn't handle the taste

Bland taste. Water with some sweetness. Very disappointed.

I don't care for the SILK brand. It is not smooth and has always been a little grainy tasting

I tried this and did not like it. I don't know why, but it just didn't taste good to me. I like the Silk Extra Vanilla soy and thought this would be good too, but not for me.

I only drink it because it's supposed to be the healthier option. I don't prefer it over milk.

not a fan

I don't care for it by itself but it tastes fine when mixxed in coffee or tea.

Does not replace real milk. I would not drink it again.

Silk almond milk has a pleasant flavor and aroma; however, I could not get past the texture being so thick. I felt like I was drinking eggnog and my cereal felt "slimy" when using this product. This, along with them being higher-priced than other almond milks, makes this product a no-go for me.

My husband recently bought the chocolate variety. He liked it. I thought it was way too chocolatey. The thinner consistency of almond milk takes some getting used to. This product is okay occasionally but I wouldn't ') substitute it consistently for regular milk.

I like this Almond milk to drink plain, but I can't substitute it for regular milk in coffee or cereal.

I like this milk because I'm allergic to soy, but I have to admit that the Blue Diamond Almond Breeze is way better (and even a little cheaper!) The texture of this milk isn't great and I think that Almond Breeze has a better taste. I would not buy this milk again.

Personally, I wouldn't drink a glass of this straight up but I love it in my coffee and oatmeal! Almond milk is a great substitute.

I normally only purchase when it's on sale or I have a good coupon. I don't drink and animal milk so always on the look for new alternative milks. While it does taste good it just doesn't taste as fresh as other brands.

I usually only drink milk in my coffee and with almond cereal for breakfast so this is a perfect fit. It is perfect with my almond cereal and doesn't make any taste changes with my coffee.