CBS How I Met Your Mother

CBS How I Met Your Mother

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Good to watch when there is nothing else on. Interesting characters each with a story of their own

I love this show, I swear I will cry when its over this season

Lets meet the mother already.

This is one of my favorite shows ever, along with F.R.I.E.N.D.S and The Big Bang Theory. It's actually a shame that it's close to an end, for not much sitcoms come to this much of a quality show, story line, character development, AND comedy all in one. I might cry.

This show is very clever. I love how they do a lot of flashbacks when telling stories. You then remember the flashback episode and discover that they had left out certain stuff from the actual episode. Obviously on purpose so later when they do a flashback you get to see more of what happened in that episode. The writers are very smart and good at what they do. You really start to like all the characters and want to see what will happen next. It's very funny and I would recommend this show. I have seen all episodes so far. I watch re-runs when I'm bored or there's nothing else on because "It's Still Funny" and good for another laugh. :)

Hilarious show my boyfriend got me hooked on!

Hilarious ! I love Barney!

HIMYM is perfection. Oh my God. I die laughing every time I watch How I Met Your Mother (erm... that makes it sound like I can die multiple times. You know what? Never mind.) The newer episodes are funny, but not as funny as the older ones. A lot of puns are inappropriate. But even if you don't like dirty humor, watch HIMYM just because Neil Patrick Harris is on it. Please. As Barney, NPH is the most perfect actor for the role ever. I also really like Cobie Smulders as Robin. You know what? Every single one of the characters is perfect. It's kind of like a less appropriate version of Friends. With Neil Patrick Harris. "Suit up!"

I just started watching the older seasons with my daughter and it is quite funny. I have enjoyed them a lot. I love the way the story line is being told.

Very funny. We love it.

One of the best shows ever made. Hilarious!!!

I love this show. This is one of my many favorites. I record this show on my DVR to be sure not to miss any episodes. You really get to know the characters, and it keeps you wondering, How did he meet their mother? Can't wait to find out!

Its funny i really enjoy watching this show, its funny how he never says whos the mother.

This show is funny, but the story line is getting REALLY old! If it wasn't for Barney I would have stopped watching it a long time ago.

I love this show I just wish they would tell who the mother is.