CBS How I Met Your Mother

CBS How I Met Your Mother

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Overall this is a decent watch. Not a fan of the later seasons but I wouldn't skip them.

Funny show with funny predicaments. Series finale was disappointing though.

Excellent cast, well-written story lines, LOL funny. Wonderful program!

Love this show. Watched it religiously growing up and now. So funny.

This show is hilariously funny. Love it.

this show is legen wait for it... i actually really enjoy this sitcom and its slightly nonlinear style. the character are so relatable. you love ted even though he is kind of a dick for a while. i don't think the comparisons to friend are quite fair. to either show. the ark of friend was very different, like if you look as season one those characters are the same " people" they are in the middle or the end. while in HMYM the characters at some point almost painfully consistent to who they are. plus you basically say phoebe isn't nessary. bit i digress! i loves the show! dary

Perfect, just..... flawless....

Absolutely adore this show!! It is beyond hilarious, it is just the kind of pick me up I need sometimes. It is like a new age FRIENDS. I love each and every one of the characters I will be awfully sad when the show comes to an end. I will miss Barney getting suited up and watching all of Ted's relationships fail miserably!

I used to think this show looked ridiculous, based on the previews. But a friend finally persuaded me to watch the first episode, and I was hooked. The best description I can muster is comedic genius. I tip my hat to the writers and directors, for superb and surprising episodes, week after week, and for great acting chops from Neil Patrick Harris and the gang. I just wish the show wasn't ending.

I love this show, I swear I will cry when its over this season

This is one of my favorite shows ever, along with F.R.I.E.N.D.S and The Big Bang Theory. It's actually a shame that it's close to an end, for not much sitcoms come to this much of a quality show, story line, character development, AND comedy all in one. I might cry.

This show is very clever. I love how they do a lot of flashbacks when telling stories. You then remember the flashback episode and discover that they had left out certain stuff from the actual episode. Obviously on purpose so later when they do a flashback you get to see more of what happened in that episode. The writers are very smart and good at what they do. You really start to like all the characters and want to see what will happen next. It's very funny and I would recommend this show. I have seen all episodes so far. I watch re-runs when I'm bored or there's nothing else on because "It's Still Funny" and good for another laugh. :)

did not discover till reruns love it

My husband just doesn't understand what it is about this show - but I'm totally addicted! Sometimes I want to slap the characters, sometimes I want to cry with them, but most of all I laugh with them. Sounds cheesy but I can't help it lol

Tons of laughs This show is Uber funny unique it's well written for sure Everytime I watch it I want more it would be a good just because present for the comedy lover I'd recommend this to fans of 2 broke girls