e.l.f Cosmetics  Eyelid Primer

e.l.f Cosmetics Eyelid Primer

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doesn't work like I thought it would

This product has been compared to Urban Decay's primer potion but I do not think it comes even close. Of course for the money its a decent product but I wouldn't repurchase again. I have very oily eyelids and this did nothing to keep my eyeshadow in place. But I think if you didn't have an issue with oily eyelids and had normal to dry skin then this would be a good product for you.

I use e.l.f.'s eyelid primer every day. I love it, it works perfectly and is perfectly priced. I thought about buying a more high end primer before I picked this up but then saw this and couldn't be happier.

I purchased this at Target and it was only 99cents. I think this primer is just as good as the urbane decay primer potion. Just a better price.

Creases shadow and does not make eyeshadow last as long as it should. Im sticking to my sephora primers.

I'm completely in love with this product! It's super easy to apply, and it keeps my eyeshadow from creasing and fading throughout the day. Didn't know what I was missing until I decided to try this, and for the harmless $1 it cost me, I will definitely be purchasing this product again.

Bought one, and had to go back and buy a backup for when I run out. I don't like the feel of cream eyeshadows so I don't know how it works with them. But with my eyeshadow, it's perfect! No icky feeling on my eyelid and eyeshadow stays put.

I accidentally put this review under the mineral eyelid primer instead of this one and this is the one that is more amazing! Wow i will never buy my high end primer again!!! That was my holy grail primer until I tried this one! It is just as good! I have worn my shadows all day long and have yet to experience creasing from shadows. ( i am not including cream shadows that have also creased with my $18 high end primer). This is so worth the dollar! The only issue i have is that it makes my eyes look very pale even though it says it is sheer. But that just means more precise placement. I recommend this for anyone.

I use this every single time I wear eye shadow. Amazing! Dries very quickly and is so easy to blend in!

really helps to keep my eye shadow on not all day but for most of the day. i love thats its so easy to blend and that it drys so quick.

This is a great primer! My eye shadow lasts longer and is more vibrant. No creases hear! And the best part is it's only $1 and you can find it at target! :)

This primer rocks! And, it's only 3 bucks! it really does measure up to those expensive primers. Try it out!

i recently bought this product a few weeks ago and it is just so awesome! I works the way it should, and it doesn't dent my wallet!

I usually purchase the higher end brands when it comes to eye primer as I don't feel I can skimp with something that essential to my makeup routine. But I thought I would try something more inexpensive for a change to try and save some money. I was actually surprised as this worked really well. I've had no problems with creasing or anything. It does exactly what any eye primer is supposed to do. And it was only a dollar, you can't go wrong there. Ever since trying this product, I haven't gone back to using urban decay or MAC primers. This is just as effective.

i bought this and i've used it a bit but I'm not really impressed with it. when i use the primer without a cream shadow base, i come back from a few hours of classes and my shadow has creased. not to mention, i'm disappointed because it doesn't make my colors more vibrant, they seem to be really dull. when i use a cream base with the primer, it seems to work well, but before i had any primer i would always use a cream eyeshadow base and i never had creasing anyway. so maybe i got a dud, i don't know. it was only a dollar so yeah