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Trader Joe's Grocery Store

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I love Trader Joe's. The products are fresh and healthy at a very reasonable price. I like that they have some ready made food and things in small sized portions. I also really like their flowers and plants. They are inexpensive but beautiful and they last quite a long time.

I don't understand the hype of this store. Prices are nowhere near as good as people make it seem and the products are not all healthy. You still have to sort through the organic versus not, the gmo infused product versus not. It does have more healthy options, but still have to sort through everything.

Trader Joe's is the best. They have unique, affordable, healthy products that you won't find anywhere else. The stores have a fun, eclectic atmosphere, and products are constantly rotating, so there will be something new every time you go. I actually enjoy grocery shopping at Trader Joe's, which is saying something!

I absolutely love Trader Joes!!! It takes grocery shopping to a whole new level. Everything is healthy and great quality. The packaging is cool as well. Once I discovered Trader Joes I refuse to shop anywhere else!

LOVE Traders Joes! My only complaint would be that there is not one close to my house. The quality of the food items is amazing and the customer service is great. The prices are pretty good and I enjoy the shopping experience every time I go.

Trader Joe's is my all time favorite grocery store!!! I like that we not only find our usual groceries but we get to try new and unique foods frequently. Everything is delicious!

Trader Joe's is a rare breed. Their products are afforadable, healthy, and most importantly delicious. They have everything ranging from an amazing and fresh fruits and vegetables department, to a freezer department full of quick and easy fixes for dinner. Their indian food frozen dinners are almost as good as getting take out and half the price! Their selection is always changing but they also hold on to many of their customer favorites so you don't have to worry about your favorite product being discontinued. I love their mailer also. I has a cute little shopping list so you can keep track of all the items featured and pick them up the next time you shop with them. And last but not least their employees are some of the most friendly people. They are always courteous and helpful

I love, love, love this store! I just wish there was one in my neighborhood. The closest Trader Joe's is 3 hours away... Sigh. When I go, I get orders from all of my neighbors. I find Trader Joe's to have high quality wine at reasonable prices, frozen fruit at great prices, and a large selection of organic foods.

I love Trader Joes, they have the greatest pita chips that are better than any others that I've tried. I also love their dark chocolate dipped bananas they are the best valued of the brands that I've seen in different stores. They usually have very tasty fresh sushi but the last time I was there they were in need of restocking the shelves with fresh sushi. They have quality products for a good prices.

LOVE to shop here...good variety of their teas and snacks

Last year Trader Joe's finally came to our town!! I used to travel to visit my friend in Connecticut and she would offer me clothes her children had outgrown, but I would often pass up on the offer. Crazy, right? Not for me! Otherwise, it would leave me no room for bringing back Trader Joe's goods home!! Now I stock up on virtually everything and save about $20 on my food bill. Their Inner Peas is my latest food find. They are divine!!!

Trader Joe's is one of my favorite places to shop. I love their Everyday Seasoning, Vegetarian Pad Thai, and Kimchee Fried Rice. Their almond milk is great too and this is where I go if I need saffron.

The good news is that they carry food you can't find anywhere else, and of the highest, freshest quality. The bad news is that they are quite expensive. The good news is that the extra money goes to pay their employees almost double what normal entry level employees earn. Bravo, Trader Joe's.

I love trader joes.... I would shop there every week if I could. It's a little too far away for my everyday groceries but I love it there and every product is a treat

I love Trader Joe's. My favorite item is the chocolate macarons (not the ones in the frozen section) but they don't carry them at the TJ's by my house. I have also started using the vitamin E oil and face wash which have really good reviews.