Aveeno Baby Essential Moisture Shampoo

Aveeno Baby Essential Moisture Shampoo

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Aveeno has great effective products.

This is so gentle on baby's skin. It helps so much when they are newborns and need that special, soft touch.

Love Aveeno!!

I really like aveeno baby My baby skin is sensetive and it dosent irrate it at all.

I do not have a baby, but I had seen aveeno's new baby line in a store and recommended it to my friend who had developed eczema. I have always had very sensitive skin that has benefited greatly from the aveeno line. He tried it and a few of their other products. It has and is continuing to improve his skin. I highly recommend it to any with similar issues.

Is one of my favorites I have used Aveeno since my son was born. He's 2 and I got it as a gift and have been using since. Didnt care to much for the Johnson and Johnson soap.

I likes this shampoo and it smells good.

I love this product. My baby girl had the driest skin and we used Johnsons and Johnsons baby wash bed time. That did not seem to help her skin and we even used the Johnsons and Johnsons bedtime lotion in conjunction with the wash. Still she had what the doctors called ezcema. Well eventually I was recommended to use the Aveeno baby bedtime wash and lotion and I tell you what within a couple of weeks there was a big difference in her skin. Her skin became so soft and looked so healthy. Its so gental on her face and eyes and even gental enough to use it as a bubble bath at times. I would encourage any new mom to use this product because it really is one of the best on the market today...

For babies with allergies to other products, Aveeno has provided a great product. My friend's baby had eczema and when she started using this product, the eczema went away. i recommend this product.

I love aveeno products. My daughter has extremely dry and a friend suggested us to use it and was very impressed by how fast her skin cleared up and how soft her skin feels. We have been using all of the aveeno products on her for 7 yrs now and just love them. I would recomend and have recomended them to many people, even strangers.

Love Aveeno!

I really love Aveeno brand, but I was disappointed by the baby shampoo. The shampoo actually made my daughters hair coarse and dry, the opposite of what it is supposed to do. I still like Aveeno but I would not recommend this particular product.

I love Aveeno products. My daughter has extra sensitive skin, and this doesn't bother her a bit!

I really like this product, I found that it does have a nice gentle smell.

I LOVE aveeno, but wasn't fond of this product. I didn't think it's all it's cracked up to be!