Sensodyne Iso-Active Multi-Action Toothpaste

Sensodyne Iso-Active Multi-Action Toothpaste

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I've always used Sensodyne for my teeth ever since the dentist recommended due to some sensitivity I have with my teeth. They might not be very tasting at first but you get accustom to it. Now, I can have my ice cream without the pain. :)

I've never used this but my husband did and he said he would never tell anyone to use it!! His teeth were even worse after he used it

I hate this it made my teeth even more sensitive. is that even possible. gosh never again.

This has been my go-to toothpaste for about 6 years now. I have very sensitive teeth, and I haven't found another product that works anywhere near as good as this! I would definitely recommend it!

This is the go to tooth paste when my teeth a a little more sensitive . The flavor is wonderful, its cleans and protects your teeth really good, and wait tip you see all the foam.. Amazing !

I have very sensitive teeth and this product works great for me!

Absolutely love this toothpaste!!!

The only toothpaste that we use!!!

This is my ultimate favorite toothpaste. I have 3 I use and this is number 1 on my list. I have two teeth that cause me sensitivity. So I use this one to help with those teeth.

This product was ok for me no WOW factor....while brushing it gives a numbing and tingly feeling but overall fresh feeling when I am done.

love this toothpaste. It foams up, whitens, AND alleviates sensitivities. The best I've found for my teeth so far.

Great toothpaste. I have very sensitive teeth and i cannot drink or eat anything hot or cold if i am using any thing else. I do not know how i survived before they made this stuff. You can actually feel it tingling inside your mouth and toning down the sensitive spots..It taste great and makes your mouth feel so clean and fresh.

I will never use another toothpaste again! I recommend this toothpaste to all of my family and friends! I use to have very sensitive teeth and then my dentist told me to start using this and it worked wonders and keeps my breath fresh and my teeth white.

It is a great product with clean scent but I personally am not fond of this type of tube.

I have extremely sensitive teeth so I picked this up, horrible product didnt whiten my teeth at all, made my teeth even more sensitive just a bad product