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  • Taylor06 By  Taylor06    

    My dogs love them!

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  • michelleekranzel By  michelleekranzel    

    I think these Greenies are way too expensive & I much prefer the dentastix chews. They don't smell great but they really do work! I will never buy Greenies again, they just cost way too much money (in my opinion)

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  • abbygabbie By  abbygabbie    

    My dogs LOVE these & they they make their breath smell good ♥♥

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  • TPittman By  TPittman    

    these gave my dogs gas - stinky stinky gassssss.

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  • mysherry By  mysherry    

    We've tried the other green chew products for our dogs. Greenies is our go to brand! It leaves them with the freshest smelling breath and seems to be the easiest for them to break down. LOVE!

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  • jjvag1313 By  jjvag1313    

    My dog actually rejected this. Go figure. She eats anything.

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  • bratz54 By  bratz54    

    My three chihuahuas love these little greenies they love them soo mush they would eat one everyday if I let them

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  • CrysB513 By  CrysB513    

    Do not buy!! Can cause serious digestive complications with your dog.

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  • holisticrealtor By  holisticrealtor    

    My pooch received one of these while "trick or treating" our town during a community event.. It gave my dog loose stools..enough said.

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  • Shonna1782 By  Shonna1782    

    Just bought some for my boyfriend's dog. She loves them and they work well. However, they were a little pricey. Luckily I got them on sale.

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  • Beaniesmom By  Beaniesmom    

    My dogs like these, but my veterinarian does not. He says there are too many cases where they get stuck in the digestive tract and need to be surgically removed. So I've looked to other treats. (I guess I need to chose a rating star to submit these comments, but I do not recommend these)

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  • musicmomma By  musicmomma    

    My dog loves Greenies!!!! It's his reward after the kids are in bed. He leads me to the kitchen and waits patiently for his Greenie almost every night. The only downfall is that they are SO expensive!!!!!! Why? We really can't afford to purchase them on a weekly basis like our dog would love us to. If not for the high price...I would have given 5 stars.

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  • ABCMom By  ABCMom    

    These are really expensive, so when I found a coupon for free ones, I printed off as many as I could. Chloe our black lab loves them and they really did remove the tartar build-up on her teeth. I though they were just another high price treat that did not live up to its claim, but I was wrong. Need more Coupons please.....

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  • kimm1310 By  kimm1310    

    These things are the best... My dogs love them & it really does help with there stinky breathe!!!

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  • faithfuljoy By  faithfuljoy    

    My 3 dogs like them and will eat them, and my mini-Dachshund is the most finicky eater of them all. Not sure it's helped the breath of the oldest one, but it's a daily treat they look forward to. I also don't see how it helps the teeth since they seem to be chewy and not hard and crunchy to scrap stuff off.

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