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  • swyles By  swyles    

    I have purchased this product before and it was just okay. It was very oily and I had to use it several times to remove all the makeup.

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  • waterwoman By  waterwoman    

    I use waterproof mascara and I find that Clean and Clear will not remove the makeup like baby oil. I would recommend Clean and Clear for regular make up removal.

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  • dkroots By  dkroots    

    The best cheapest eye makeup remover is baby shampoo.

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  • testingmama By  testingmama    

    I go this from bzz agent a couple years ago also and it's pretty good. It leaves my skin a little too oily feeling at the end but works well and does not irritate my eyes.

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  • texaspearl3 By  texaspearl3    

    I have actually purchased this product and love it, I have a hard time finding it in the storehowever. Works great.

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  • Meganb5 By  Meganb5    

    I love this brand. The remover gets everything off but it does leave my eyes a little oily.

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  • faerica7 By  faerica7    

    I love this! It works well, and doesnt leave much of a residue after use :)

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  • Foofie5 By  Foofie5    

    I have received it from BZZ Agent as well. I love it! It is the first make-up remover that will take off waterproof mascara and the rest of your make-up. I agree it makes your eyes refreshed clean.

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  • KMaeDaniel By  KMaeDaniel    

    I am a heavy make up wearer. I usually wear dark eyeshadow and just a little of this goes a long way. It removes waterproof eyeliner and mascara. This product (along with most make up removers) is meant to be used before washing your face with your normal cleanser, so its alright that it has a nice "moisturizing afterglow" to me. It truly is soothing! What I really like about this product is that it doesn't sting my eyes at all! I've used expensive brands like Mac and Clinique and this stuff performs better in my opinion, for way, WAY less! I use this now, and plan to buy again when I run out. Five stars!

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  • jjsunshine By  jjsunshine    

    I have a small sample bottle and have no problems purchasing it in store. I like that a little goes a long way. I also like the feeling it leaves on your eyes because I do have dryer eyes. Overall, this is a great product.

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  • dudsi17 By  dudsi17    

    I think this is an OK makeup remover. it will do the job for non-waterproof makeup. Not oily and leaves the skin feeling fresh. The only reason why I'm giving it a three is because it claims to remove even waterproof makeup and on some levels it will but you really would have to rub your eye out for that they should just stick to stating that it is a non-waterproof makeup remover. It is gentle. Pretty good overall though other than that claim.

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  • Iheartmakeup2011 By  Iheartmakeup2011    

    Too oily I dont like it.

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  • Island_hibiscus By  Island_hibiscus    

    I also received this product as a Bzz Agent. I like the large size, it'll last forever they way I use eye make-up remover. It's not as oily as other eye make-up remover products, which I like because my eyes are very sensitive. If you think the price is steep, keep your eye out for coupons; combined with a sale, this could be a great price!

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  • Joy2008 By  Joy2008    

    I live by Clean & Clear products for their price. I use the face wash and the daily moisturizer. The make-up remover is good as well but as lollylala said, you can use the baby oil.

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  • mand0114 By  mand0114    

    The price is steep, so I haven't purchased it; however my sister has it and i've used hers. The cucumber extract is really refreshing, and the product doesn't dry out my face!

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