CHI Ceramic Flat Iron

CHI Ceramic Flat Iron

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I only buy CHI flat irons....they work wonders on my thick, coarse hair!

I just recently bought one of these, and it is the best investment I have ever made! It straightens my hair, and any other person's hair that has ever used it. It's simple and fast. LOVE IT!

As a "bi-racial" woman, my hair has a wavy to curly texture. I blow dry and flat iron my hair piece by piece, and get complaments all day. often people asking if I relaxed my hair, when in fact i just used my beautiful CHI. I looooooove CHI. The style last for at least a few days, I tell everyone that its not cheap but its very worth it.

I do not personally own a chi but did have the oppertunity to try a friends.. My super curly hair was smooth and sleek and never frizzed. The chi is AMAZING.

I purchased one myself at a deep discount sale. It is the ONLY hair straightener I've ever liked using on my hair. Requires very few passes, glides without pulling, and leaves my hair super straight and flat. I would highly recommend it to anyone.

best flatiron out there! I have extremely kinky curly hair. I use with the CHI flat iron spray and do not get much damage at all...others that i've tried have fried my hair. My first one lasted 3 years but I bought my new one for only $99 at a beauty supply store.

I couldn't do anything without this flat iron. It works great on my hair without damaging it. I never thought a flat iron could get the job done without ruining my hair, but CHI has changed my perspective 100%.

My hair is out of control, on the days I don't use the CHI! Honestly, I couldn't live without this flat iron. I dry my hair as usual and the CHI smoothes out all my frizzies and makes me look like I have perfectly straight and shiny hair.

I love my CHI flat iron love how quick it heats up its ready in seconds. I LOVE IT!!!

Love that iron, I'm a hairdresser always use the chi iron

I LOVE this flat iron! Ive been using this brand for many years now and dont have any complaints.

this hair straightener is the best!!! I have wavy hair and live in FLorida (othewise known as "the bad hair day state") :) :) and when i use this , my hair stays straight all day !

I love my Chi straightener. I have had it for years - It still works as well as it did the day I got it. My hairstylist taught me how to make ringlets with a straightener. Pretty cool - search on youtube for instructions.

I've had a Chi since I was a teenager - it's simply the best! It works better than any other cheaper straightener I have ever used or tried! I wiuld reccomend it to everyone looking for a straightener!

love ths product!!!! more for my daughter then myself (as she is the one with the straight hair she has the beautifulist curly hair but to her (as all of us do) it's awful.....and this product has kept her happy for 3 years now (and ultimately me)