CHI Ceramic Flat Iron

CHI Ceramic Flat Iron

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makes h air beautiful - when it works, I have had so many stop heating to maximum heat and eventually just stop working or work only sporadically.

im probably the only one that does not like this straightner, but it seemed to make my hair MORE frizzy. love my royale iron so much more

loved the idea of being able to curl my hair with it and it being i bought one spending over 200 on it ... it later had a short in the cord which i read was typical...of course after warranty...bought a new flat iron for 30 at it and it does the same thing this chi does

The plates tear your hair up. It adds damage to hair. It doesnt protect your hair. I recommend paul mitchel flat iron. The silver one. Its about 200 but kine has lasted me 4 years now.

I purchased a CHI iron from a large warehouse store for $69.00. I used it for two weeks and it stopped working on me. The cord would short out at first. I would hold it in a certain position and it would work then after a while it stopped doing that. I contacted the warehouse store and they stated they no longer carried that item. When I contacted the Farouk company and explained what happened they insisted they never approved for the warehouse company to sell them. So needless to say it was great while it lasted but in the end I ended up being burned.

I bought this Iron at the high end price when they first came out...It stopped working less than 6 months later- of course I didnt save any of my purchase info and when I called to see about replacement I was told they did not have the means to track my order- It was an awesome iron, the cost was high, and had it worked longer would have been worth the money- but their CS department was deffinately not CUSTOMER SERVICE, it was more like 'you bought it, not our problem anymore haha'!

I had a CHI and loved it lots, but the electric adapter box broke, so I couldn't bear spending the money again for a new one so I just bought a cheapo walmart one and it does the job and when it breaks I will only be out 15 bucks not 150.

I wish I could say that I love this product, but it's really disappointed me. I have naturally big, frizzy curly hair; I thought spending $100 on a straightener would give me "wow" results......I'll stick with the blow dryer and big round brush!

This straightener has a mind of its own. Some days, it will leave making your hair looking really sleek and beautiful. On other days, though, it will only just make your hair really puffy, not straighten much, and just burn off your hair. It's a shame that the latter is the one that happens the most, too.

I used to be absolutely CHI's biggest fan, I had one for over three years and refused to use anything else! But then I went to a friend's house and plugged it in and it won't turn on. It was gone. So, figuring it was time for a new one anyway, my mom bought me one for my bday and that one never turned on to begin with. So I bought a brand new one from Ulta, had it for two weeks and it did the same thing. I WAS DONE. NEVER again will I EVER buy another CHI unless they do some major renovations. I got a Babyliss Nano Pro and LOVE IT. Had it for over 3 years now and it's still going strong! Let's face it, the original CHI has had its day! I mean, you can't even control the temperature for crying out loud!

It's ok I guess way over rated not the best I've had plenty better quality product that cost way less and did a way better job!

I have a lot of hair and its think and this straightener it would take me forever

This used to be my favorite straightener until I discovered the Sedu. Much better! The Chi is good, but is not the best out there. I have converted at least five Chi users

i have thick hair so it basically took forever. it honestly didnt even straighten my hair it looked puffy. they only thing i like is that it works good as a curler.

Ehhhhh....this was my first "good" straightener in college and all my friends borrowed it and loved....because it does the job....however, I have been through 3 of them and finally decided to try something else because my hair still gets fried!! I am currently am using Sedu Revolution and love it...i find my hair is much less fried and it glides so much smoother. Chi is the high school straightener...if youre looking for a really good straightener, there are plenty better ones out there!!!