L'Oreal Paris Revitalift® Daily Volumizing Concentrated Serum

L'Oreal Paris Revitalift® Daily Volumizing Concentrated Serum

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Revitalift Daily Volumizing Concentrated Serum has a unique shape but I don't like the long pump, I find it hard to used . The product does feel nice and smooth on my skin and the fragrance is nice and light which I like. So far I haven't noticed any difference on my skin yet.

I received this product to try- my skin issue is sagging and "nasal labial fold" lines. After using this product over the past 2 weeks, I have noticed these lines have diminished to a noticeable degree. Granted, I won't pass for 20 and don't expect to, I was pleasantly surprised by the results. I was also impressed by the pump delivery system-it insures the efficacy of the ingredients in that all that gets exposed to air is what's dispensed. Who knew you can get such a quality product from the drug store for a fraction of the cost of dept. store brands. Thanks for enlightening me! I'll definitely add this to my skin care regime.

I really wanted to see some measurable results with this product but I'm not noticing any improvements in lines or wrinkles. The positives are...the he serum is easily absorbed and applied,the scent is barely noticeable and the product doesn't irritate my dkin. If in mire time I see some results,I will update my review

I did not notice any changes to my skin from using this product. I was disappointed because I like Loreal products and I thought I would see and feel a difference.

I like the applicator because it distributes product in the appropriate amount. Serum is soft and smooth and makes skin feel extra silky. I like the results so far and will continue to use. Makes me feel like my skin is going back in time. (Yay!!)

I like how this product goes on and feels once applied. I agree it is hard to see into the packaging to see how much product you have and what is left. I cannot say that I see any huge changes currently, but I do love the feel of the product on my face. I hope to see more noticable changes before I finish the product in testing.

Only using for a week so it's hard to give a rating at this point in time. Very easy to apply. Light fragrance and non oily. It does make your skin smooth feeling and soft, but that is all I have noticed so far. Will check back in as the time goes by.

So I have been using the Revitalift Volumizing Serum for a week now and although I love the ease of applying and the scent I can't say that I have noticed a difference in the fine lines just yet. I will continue to use this product daily and report back at a later time. Big thumbs up in regards to the packaging-both attractive and useful.

The Loreal Revitalift Daily Volumizing Concentrated Serum is fantastic! I am using it and have noticed a remarkable difference in the appearance of fine lines on my face. My skin is softer and smoother overall. I love the way it smells too!

I really don't know what to say. It smells good. Am I supposed to notice some difference? Do I need all the other products to get results? So it smells good and it goes on nicely without making my face feel slimy or greasy.

I love this product! I apply it every night to all of the areas I want to blur some wrinkles or would like a little lift in (my neck, forehead, crows feet area, in between the brows, mouth expression lines) and I find it has helped so much. I love the formula!

The Loreal Revitalift Daily Volumizing Concentrated Serum is really easy to use and apply. It feels very silky and has a soft floral smell after using for the last week my skin on my face feels amazingly softer and smoother. I rally enjoy applying every morning and every evening. I would recommend this product to my female family members and friends. Thanks SHESPEAKS!