L'Oreal Paris Revitalift® Daily Volumizing Concentrated Serum

L'Oreal Paris Revitalift® Daily Volumizing Concentrated Serum

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The Loreal Revitalift Daily Volumizing Concentrated Serum is really easy to use and apply. It feels very silky and has a soft floral smell after using for the last week my skin on my face feels amazingly softer and smoother. I rally enjoy applying every morning and every evening. I would recommend this product to my female family members and friends. Thanks SHESPEAKS!

I love this product! I apply it every night to all of the areas I want to blur some wrinkles or would like a little lift in (my neck, forehead, crows feet area, in between the brows, mouth expression lines) and I find it has helped so much. I love the formula!

The Loreal Revitalift Daily Volumizing Concentrated Serum is fantastic! I am using it and have noticed a remarkable difference in the appearance of fine lines on my face. My skin is softer and smoother overall. I love the way it smells too!

I received this product to try- my skin issue is sagging and "nasal labial fold" lines. After using this product over the past 2 weeks, I have noticed these lines have diminished to a noticeable degree. Granted, I won't pass for 20 and don't expect to, I was pleasantly surprised by the results. I was also impressed by the pump delivery system-it insures the efficacy of the ingredients in that all that gets exposed to air is what's dispensed. Who knew you can get such a quality product from the drug store for a fraction of the cost of dept. store brands. Thanks for enlightening me! I'll definitely add this to my skin care regime.

Its awsome I love felt and saw immediete improvement ! Thank you Loreal!!!

It is an awesome product. I love the way it made my skin feel and look. I saw immediate improvement ! Thank you so much!

I love the feel of this product on my face and the instant toning I fell when I apply. I am definitely seeing an improvement in the overall appearance of my skin and it has only been 1 week!

I absolutely love this product. After only a couple of days, there was noticeable improvement in my skin. It looked smoother and firmer. It also had a more youthful appearance. I wish I had discovered this product a long time ago. I highly recommend this product!!!

LOVE IT! After 2 weeks my skin is very noticably firmer and my laugh lines are half gone! I am 57 years old and do not have many wrinkles but my goal is to have none. I will be buying this as soon as it runs out.

i started using this product as soon as i received it in the mail.I really didn't see a much different but others noticed,saying that my face looks tighter.Other then that i do like the product.

I really like the sleek design and how it makes my face look and feel. It is really a truely great product and is well worth what the stores are asking for it.

OMG!.....Love, Love, Love this product!, been using is it for two weeks and its the best skin has looked. I will continue to use this daily and already going to purchase it again to continue in my daily skin routine. I highly recommend this to women who are looking for a healthy younger looking face!

I have noticed a definite improvement in the overall condition of my skin while using this product. It is extremely light-weight and non-greasy, which is very important to me. I live in Florida and tried this product during July and August and had no issues at all with it during the day. I've even been using it on the backs of my hands with great results. I will definitely keep using this product! Loved it!!

I used this product morning and evening for 4 weeks. My skin has a glow and it looks more youthful.

In love isn't the word for what I feel about this product. I'm so glad I was chosen to review this product. I have been looking for a serum that would start to get rid of some of my crow's fee and plump up the area around my eyes a bit. Well this is the product for you. It makes my skin supple and I have definitely noticed a difference in my fine lines being almost non-existent. This product I will be replacing the minute I'm out.