Pepsi  Throwback

Pepsi Throwback

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Dont care for Pepsi

Dont like it too much sugar for me :(

Coke is my beveage of choice. Sorry Pepsi.

I love Pepsi, I did not like the throwback

Put the soda down...and walk slowly away :) You can thank me later.

To sweet! Not my favorite!

Do not like Pepsi throwback what so ever. I will stick to the original Pepsi.

I do not like the throwback Pepsi. I am used to the regular Pepsi and this just does not compare.

I don't really like this, love just the original Pepsi's, they are the best in my book!

Not so good!

Didn't care for it.

I would rather drink nothing than drink pepsi.

Pepsi has never been my favorite, but this throwback has got to be the worse

Pepsi is our famly favorite, but this did not pass the test. Too too sweet.

Im a Pepsi drinker but im not a fan of the throwback. It tastes weird and way sugary. Ill stick with my diet Pepsi.