Two Little Hands Productions Signing Time DVDs

Two Little Hands Productions Signing Time DVDs

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This program is great. My 3 year old and I discovered it on PBS about a month ago. Now it is aired on Nickelodeon and my daughter has already picked up over 10 different "signs" and she loves the music. I enjoy it as well. It is a fun bonding and learning experience for the both of us.

My daughters both love signing time. I feel that these not only teach them sign language but also just teach in general. Our favorite video is Zoo Train

Great videos. They make signing easy and fun to learn. We're using them with our 10 month old now!

My son loves these videos.

I have to say that I taught both my children sign with the DVDs. It drastically detoured fits per the children were able to communicate, rather than getting frustrated becasue they can not get there thoughts out. I think teaching children to sign is a wonderful aide as a mother. You can discipline them in a grocery store or movie without raising your voice!

We started watching Signing Time 3 years ago so we could communicate with my husbands cousin who is def. I actually like these movies. There easy to fallow and learn. I even learned and could carry a conversation with my husband's cousin.

my two year old has speech problems due to the inner throat. These signing DVD's helped him be able to communicate with us and others easily. He would catch on to two- three words at a time and would love to see it play again. It was even catchy for me to remember. I love how it ties in three avenues: Language, object and song.

I love it. My kids stard watching and it is so good that when it is over, They play it again and again. My baby girl, when she was 18 months, she knew more then 50 signs learned with signing time.

I love signing times. We have about 15 Signing Time videos. My kids learned the signs, and I loved learning the signs, too. After watching 15 videos repeatedly, I feel like I can have basic conversations in ASL!...I liked learning something worthwhile myself along with the kids. I like the diversity of the topics on all the videos.

My whole family LOVES Signing Time!!! We rented them from our local library from the time my youngest was 3 months. He is 2 1/2 now and knows probably 100 or so signs. He loves watching them in the car, and frequently asks (and signs at the same time) to watch them at home. They keep his interest very well, unlike the Baby Can Read DVD's. My 15 year old also became very interested in learning ASL since we've had the dvd's!!! I would highly recommend these to ANYONE.

I personally LOVED Signing Time and what my children learned from watching Rachel, Alex and Leah teach them. I started when my children were very young and we still sign to this day. I also love the songs, my kids still sing their favorites like Do You Know the Colors of the Rainbow. We sing them when they are upset or frustrated and they calm down and start signing right away. My 10 yr old has had a few surgeries and signing is especailly helpful when she can not speak to communicate. I would recomend this whether you have children small or big. My teenagers even sign when needed. Thank you Rachel and Two Little Hands for bringing signing to us all!!!!!!!

We love love Signing Time. Our twins speech was delayed a bit and these videos made for less stressed kids and parents by adding in another form of communication. You can also find or order the books at your library.

These videos are awesome. My kids still watch them and they are 3 and 5. They love to interact with them and practice the signs. They get so excited when I put these on. They love Alex and Leah! They learn so much from them!

My son has some communication issues, so I ordered these and wasn't sorry. They are perfect to put in the car for our short commute in the mornings.

Signing Time DVD's are the best products out there. I have rented many different signing and/or language DVD's from our local library before deciding to invest in this product. These are the only ones that my daughter will watch from start to finish & actively participates in. She is 1 yr old and already signs and recognizes many of the words. I think they are for children ages 3 mo - 5 yrs for those of you looking for a great and enjoyable teaching tool.