Dove Beauty Finish Dry Spray

Dove Beauty Finish Dry Spray

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Great Spray Deodorant I have been using this deodorant for the past few months now. I originally got it to keep at my desk at work because colleagues would frequently ask to borrow my deodorant and I did not want to share the stick. I am very pleased with the quality and variety of scents available. I wish that it lasted a little longer throughout the day and think it is great for intermittent touch ups.

Works very nicely, just need it to last a little longer throughout the day

Smells Great! Great smell!! Love this deodorant but there is white marks! Also it does not last more than a few hours. But with one touch up you can finish the day strong!

My favorite!!!!!! This by far has been the best deoderant i have ever used before!! Its very lite feeling and the aerosol spray, sprays directly where i want it to. My underarms are instantly dry and their is no white residue which is a plus especially when i wear black. The scent lasts all day too and i can still smell the scent after the gym. People walking behind me at the gym always compliment me on my perfume until i tell them its my dove deoderant!

Smells good at first, but wears off after a few hours.

Awesome This is one of my favorite deoderants its good for sensitive skin, it lasts a long time and it smells so good.

Okay I like that it goes on dry. It smells nice. The antiperspirant does not last all day if it?s very hot. Decent product.

The only deodorant you need Smells great. Stays on all day and doesn't leave a stain. Always get compliments when I use it.

Not Dove's Best I'm normally a dedicated Dove consumer but the women's spray on deoderant left me sadly disappointed. The smell would have been nice if it wasn't so overpowering. One quick spray and it was so strong that I had to leave the bathroom to breath. Not only that but it burns any sensitive skin it comes into contact with. It doesn't even protect that well. 6 hours later and I was sweating through it. The only reason it gets 2 stars is that the men's spray deoderant (while still overpowering) seems to last longer.

I really do love this dry spray deodorant. When I first started using it I felt as though my body had to get used to it. I have no other way to describe it. Now that I have been using it for a few months I wouldn't go back to regular deodorant! Totally worth it!

Love this deodorant! I am obsessed with this deodorant! It works great! I spray as soon as I get out of the shower and it lasts all day. There are so many scents available. I think my favorite is the sensitive skin and the original scent. They all smell so good! I highly recommend this product!

An Everyday Essential Leaves a soft velvety texture on the skin that is so pleasant to the touch it's unreal and works just as advertized; all day dryness with no residue.

Love Gives you a great clean feeling! lasts all day and has such a great fragrance. I wouldn?t go back to using any other deodorant.

Great Was really good!!! Smelled so good! I would totally recommend it to other people.

Love the scent Really great product it goes on easy and dries very fast and the scent is amazing.