Burt's Bees Tinted Lip Balm

Burt's Bees Tinted Lip Balm

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Burys Bee softens you lips with a beautiful tint giving you a soft and sexy feel on your lips. Burt's Bee had perfected lip care by combining a lip care product and tinting it. Now you are able to never miss having your lips at their best by having tinted lips while you are softening them. Tithe texture is soft and silky and it glides on you lips butter leaving your lips feeling soft and pretty. I keep one in my purse. Car, makeup drawer and night stand. I love and use this product daily.

Soft and healthy I love this product! It keeps my lips nice and soft while giving my otherwise pale looking lips a nice healthy tint. The color lasts a while. Its not water/food proof. But when it comes to lip balms that's pretty much a given.

Great for simple looks It works well and leaves my lips feeling moisturized. I'm a lipstick person, so this isn't my go-to product.

Burt's Bees Tinted Lip Balm I love Burt Bees chap stick. It smells great and is very moisturizing. The tint of color works well for my skin tone.

Don't like this product This product tastes horrible. I am not a fan of any burts bees product I have tried. I was given this as a gift and I was very disappointed. I tossed it in the drawer for a while and then threw it in the trash because I don't use it. It doesn't moisturize well and it is stinky.

Good but pricey. This is one of the only chap sticks that works for me. It keeps my lips moisturized much longer than any other chap stick. I also love that it has a tint to it. The only downfall is it costs a bit much.

I tried this product and it is great at moisturizing. But, the color was not as vibrant or dark as I would have liked and did not stay on long.

I really like berts beers because it doesnt dry out or fade easily. I like that it has a tint because many lip-sticks or lip glosses seem to make my lips dry or sticky. Its nice to have an option outside of lip stick.

I Love this chapstick. It's tinted so it looks like a lipstick and it is sooo soft. One of my favorites to use on my lips for sure.

Amazing Moisture I have the whole line of these, they work so well especially if you have constantly dry and irritated skin

Burt bees is the best My favorite chap stick brand. I'm so exciting with the colors they have been adding into there serums. I love this color on my lips. Also the fact that it's mosturizing and replenishing doesn't hurt at all

I find this to be super flaky at times, and sometimes the color is too intense. But i do love the texture and how it smoothly goes on:) the smell is okay, not super strong smelling but there is a scent.

I'm well into my 20s and I've been buying this brand of lip balm since high school. The color is a bit too pigmented for me so I just dot it on my lips and rub with my finger. Smells amazing also!

Fantastic product! All the moisturizing benefits of the regular Burt's Bee chapstick, with the added benefit of a hint of color. I primarily use the color "Hibiscus", and it is the perfect natural shade for me, just like a more intense version of my own lip color. It looks natural, not heavy like a lipstick, but still provides a great pop of color and softens the lips! Does not have a peppermint flavor like the basic Burt's Bees, but it has a pretty neutral taste. Would definitely recommend!