L'Oreal Paris Revitalift® Daily Volumizing Concentrated Serum

L'Oreal Paris Revitalift® Daily Volumizing Concentrated Serum

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Recieved a full size bottle free from shespeaks.Was expecting it to work, but after using for more than 3 weeks have really not seen any difference in elasticity or wrinkles. Hydrates a little, but other than that no effect.Goes on smooth, not irritating to the skin and has a fragrance which might irritate some people.There is no way of knowing how much product has been used up

I used this product for a month, applying twice a day as recommended. I thought the "syringe"like dispenser was clever but not practical, as it would fall over easily. I did like the absorbent quality of the serum as I have excessive oily skin and I was apprehensive that it would be sticky but the serum was absorbed without any greasy feeling to my face. I did not notice any lines diminishing, and I was observant to notice my frown lines and my nose lines, they looked exactly the same as prior to using. I also suggest to provide a window so the customer can tell how much product is used and when to purchase more. I was attempting to apply and noticed that no more product was being excreted when I realized it was empty!

I was excited to get this product to see what it could do. Overall I was disappointed with the lack of results. The serum absorbs easily and your skin feels smooth after application. The container is like a syringe but the product is dispensed by pressing on the bottom. When you stand it up, the bottom can easily press in and it pushes more product out whether you want it to or not. I didn't care for the container design. As for results, I saw no improvement in lines or fullness. I don't really know how you would measure fullness. The box claims "cheekbone fullness, more rounded". I feel like this is an exaggerated claim. The lines I concentrated on were on my forehead & nothing changed at all. I feel like using this product on its own in isolation of the other products in the line made for a lack luster result. Typically, when a woman chooses to use a skin care product, she chooses a regiment that includes more than 1 product. Maybe the results would have been better if other products from the line were included. The box does recommend 2 other revitalift products to use along with this serum. I would not choose to spend the twenty-five dollar cost on this product.

I really wanted to like this product, but I didn't see any improvement in my fine lines or wrinkles. I liked the dispenser it came in, and it did not block my pores.

I didn't really notice that it did much of anything really. Maybe with more time using it...?

I really liked how quickly this absorbed and how smoothly it goes on; there was no oily or greasy feeling after usage. The scent was pleasant and it was moderately hydrating to the skin. After four weeks, I haven't noticed any changes in the look of feel of my skin. I am still using the remaining cream to see if after it is gone there will be a change or not.

I really liked how light and non greasy it felt. It had a pleasant fragrance. I didn't see improvement in the lines around my eyes or mouth, but I did see an improvement on my neck and chest. I knew I wasn't going to look 20 again, but I did hope for more on my face. Maybe the wrinkles are just that deep and using the product longer might show some improvement.....I haven't decided yet if I am going to purchase more and give it a little longer.

It feels good on the skin but it doesn't do a thing for my skin. I saw no improvement so I can't give it more than 2 stars since it didn't live up to its claims.

I was not impressed with this item. I did not feel as if it delivered the results that were promised. The smell was nice, the consistency of the product was nice, but I did not notice a major difference in my skin at the end of 4 weeks use.

So I have been using the Revitalift Volumizing Serum for a week now and although I love the ease of applying and the scent I can't say that I have noticed a difference in the fine lines just yet. I will continue to use this product daily and report back at a later time. Big thumbs up in regards to the packaging-both attractive and useful.

I did not notice any changes to my skin from using this product. I was disappointed because I like Loreal products and I thought I would see and feel a difference.

I really wanted to see some measurable results with this product but I'm not noticing any improvements in lines or wrinkles. The positives are...the he serum is easily absorbed and applied,the scent is barely noticeable and the product doesn't irritate my dkin. If in mire time I see some results,I will update my review

Revitalift Daily Volumizing Concentrated Serum has a unique shape but I don't like the long pump, I find it hard to used . The product does feel nice and smooth on my skin and the fragrance is nice and light which I like. So far I haven't noticed any difference on my skin yet.

I have been using this product since receiving in the mail, I really wanted to like this product but I never saw any good results and irritated my skin, I will continue and see if the results will change. The pump is really easy to use and no harsh smell, actually smelled nice

After receiving this product to try and test, I've used the product now over 2 weeks and have notice my facial skin healthier. I have used the Revitalift products in the past but not in a while. L'Oreal Paris Revitalift® Daily Volumizing Concentrated Serum is easy to use and affordable. My fine lines have softened enough to notice, I also liked the pump delivery system. My only concern is the list of ingredients, I wish they were more natural !!!