Nivea Nivea In-Shower Body Lotion

Nivea Nivea In-Shower Body Lotion

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I received a free sample of this in one of my magazines. Omg I love this. Leaves your skin feeling smooth soft and hydrated. I ran out and bought a bottle of this stuff. However don't put on the bottom of your feet. Its super slippery

I received a free sample on this product through the mail and it was very smooth and soft feeling after, I really enjoyed it.

I received a sample of this for free. I don't care for it. the application process just doesn't work for me. My shower just isn't that large and to get the process done just doesn't work.

I've only ever tried this once, because a friend recommended it to me. I wasn't a fan of it, but I think it's one of those products that you either like it or you don't.

I have been a tried and true Olay in shower body lotion user..I was intrigued when Nivea came out with their own. It's a thick emollient rich lotion. I don't care for the scent so much as I do the Olay product but it is very moisturizing.

If I could marry this lotion I would. This is the best invention every. My skin is dry and must be moisturized all the time and I hate putting lotion on. This is sooo much easier to put on and there is no sticky feel afterwords. Just put it on, rinse off and there you go! Works good even in the winter. Love it!

I was skeptical when I tried this, thought it was just another new idea to get me to spend money! I really liked this idea, though, and tried a sample. It went on nicely, stayed on skin as I applied it and rinsed off fully. I loved the scent, so clean and fresh. It really did make my skin soft and hydrated. I didn't have to use lotion after the shower, except for on days when I shave my legs. Unfortunately for my husband, that's not too often so I feel like I'm being kind to my skin and saving time. Be careful though, this stuff can make your shower floor slippery, I just swiped the floor real fast with my washcloth before getting out and all was fine.

I love how it makes my skin feel smooth. The sent not over powering.

I use this product sometime ago on my husband's skin, because he suffers from eczema. We both enjoyed the results, because it kept him comfortable all day long. His skin felt very smooth afterwards. He has been using this product ever since.

This product is great! Feels the skin feeling so smooth and soft. You have to make sure you do not put it on the bottom of your feet and wash out the floor real well to avoid slipping. But it feels good to get out the shower with skin feeling hydrated!