Nivea Nivea In-Shower Body Lotion

Nivea Nivea In-Shower Body Lotion

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I received a sample of this for free. I don't care for it. the application process just doesn't work for me. My shower just isn't that large and to get the process done just doesn't work.

Only If you like oil slicks I just wrote a review on my favorite shower moisturizer and this is one of the others that came into mind that I did not want to mention. I must say that it was way too over bearing as far as the scent goes. I can also say it feels like an oil slick. Not only that it definitely leaves an oil slcik in the shower. I just cannot say enough bad about this except I wish there was a zero star for it. I give it a 1 star because there are no negative stars.#AmberAngelsUniqueBoutique

I got a sample of this in a Target Beauty box. I did not like this, the scent was over powering for me, so even if it had worked, I couldn't take the strong smell.

I've only ever tried this once, because a friend recommended it to me. I wasn't a fan of it, but I think it's one of those products that you either like it or you don't.

I got this in my Target Beauty Box and I was super excited to try it. However, after using it a few times, I'm just not impressed. It's not as hydrating as I'd like. I'll use it until I finish the bottle, but I don't think I'd re purchase. It might be okay if you're skin isn't super dry, but winter is rough on my skin.

This product is great! Feels the skin feeling so smooth and soft. You have to make sure you do not put it on the bottom of your feet and wash out the floor real well to avoid slipping. But it feels good to get out the shower with skin feeling hydrated!

Not greasy I use this mostly in the summer, because most moisturizers make me too hot! This doesn't feel greasy or sticky after rinsing, but be sure and rinse off the shower floor to avoid slipping!

I was skeptical when I tried this, thought it was just another new idea to get me to spend money! I really liked this idea, though, and tried a sample. It went on nicely, stayed on skin as I applied it and rinsed off fully. I loved the scent, so clean and fresh. It really did make my skin soft and hydrated. I didn't have to use lotion after the shower, except for on days when I shave my legs. Unfortunately for my husband, that's not too often so I feel like I'm being kind to my skin and saving time. Be careful though, this stuff can make your shower floor slippery, I just swiped the floor real fast with my washcloth before getting out and all was fine.

Pretty handy I like to add this to my shower routine in the winter to keep my skin from getting too dry. It's easy to use and available at my local drugstore for a decent price. For very dry/dehydrated skin this product likely won't moisturize enough but for my skin, it's fine.

Nivea I love this moisturizer. It applies easily in the shower and works well.

Good Procude I use this all of the time because my skin is dry. It goes on nice and smooth and leaves your skin feeling moisturized and smooth. The fragrance is nice and light and smells good even a few hours after showering.

Nivea In Shower Body Lotion leaves my skin feeling soft and silky, even hours after using. The fragrance is nice and light. Never feel oily, greasy, or like I have stepped out of a cloud of perfume. I have been using this product and recommending to friends and family for several weeks. It will be so refreshing during the hot and humid summer beach months.

Great Consistency This is a nice product for helping my skin. I like the scent. It is a great consistency for overall body. Using it right after a shower or bath to treat my skin has helped it retain it's needed moisture.

Amazing Fragrance! I use Nivea In-Shower Body Lotion daily. I love the scent and it leaves my skin lightly moisturized, can't stand thick lotions! Be careful, it does leave the tub a bit slippery.

I LOVE this in shower body lotion. cuts your get ready time down so much. smells great and leaves your skin feeling soft.