DripDrop Hydration Powder - Berry

DripDrop Hydration Powder - Berry

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Drip Drops are ok. I prefer G2 for hydration that tastes good. The taste of the flavors were alright, but not my favorite. It is hydrating though and it's convenient to carry around in case I start getting sick at work.

Drip Drops contains sucralose which is an artificial ingredient so I will not be using it. The fact that it has been approved by the FDA is a red flag that it's poison since they seem to be against natural, healthy products. Just drink clean, filtered water & you'll be just fine. This was received complimentary in exchange for an honest review.

We tried both the lemon and berry flavors and the kids didn't mind drinking either one. There was an after taste but it wasn't overpowering. Not sure if we would spend money to buy the product in the future. It is not something the kids would ask for while grocery shopping like other drinks.

I tried the Berry DripDrops, and my son and I both agree it was much better than the lemon flavor. The berry DripDrops are definitely something I'd buy again. We liked them!

I found it to be rather chalky tasting-it didn't dissolve very well in the liquid and the taste wasn't pleasant. I couldn't finish it.

I am not a fan of the berry flavor. It tastes really synthetic. I have tried many water additives with varying degrees of satisfaction. I wish the powder had mixed a little better in the water but I did feel more hydrated after than just drinking water. My bigger concern that flavor was the labeling of only using drip drop under medical supervision.

I loved the product and loved this flavor as well! I had a horrible headache one morning, after i drank this I felt so much better and was really pleased with the way it tasted!!

My son came down with a stomach virus and I thought this was the perfect opportunity to try this product out. He drank the product without complaining about the taste, which I found to be a bit artificial tasting. He preferred drinking this to water. After a short amount of time he was feeling better and able to hold down solids. Can't say that this product hydrated better than water, but my son did prefer the taste over a glass of water.

We used this product recently when my child came down with a stomach virus. I felt better about giving her this product than the typical high sodium sports drink. The taste wasn't horrible, but it could still use some work. I love how portable this product is.

I loved this flavor! It tastes more like grape than berry but it has the perfect amount of sweetness without being too much. It's a flavor the kids love and I feel good giving it to them on a daily basis!

Won't be buying this. Young grandkids thought it was fine, but they're too little to be picky!

Better tasting than the lemon flavor, but not the greatest.

Similar to the lemon ejnjoyed the concept but not the flavor of the product. This was less intenst than the lemon but still not a flavor i enjoy

Comparing to other hydrating drinks - this was less sugary tasting however; does leave an oily aftertaste due to the ingredient listing. Easy to use - had to put an extra shake to ensure it mixed correctly. Definitely kept me feeling cool and hydrated. Great option for one of those glycemic days and recommending this to my diabetic friends.

I felt like the berry flavor was pretty good and it did make me feel more hydrated.