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  • shannonmdavis72912 By  shannonmdavis72912    

    These work so great. I only buy them when there on sale with a coupon though. They only thing wrong with them is the price!

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  • JMRoberts By  JMRoberts    

    These are great, and make a dirty job much easier!

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  • Mariaecheverria19 By  Mariaecheverria19    

    really great for my dishes cleans them the best out of any dish soup

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  • jloiodi By  jloiodi    

    Love how this product cleans all my dishes and silverware. Leaves behind no pesky residue and does an excellent job. I like the convenience of the pac because it takes just a second to plop it in and then it's ready to go!

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  • aimeefauci By  aimeefauci    

    This is my GO TO dish soap. It cleans and makes the dishes sparkle. I've used other brands but I always go back to Cascade.

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  • LoveMySavings By  LoveMySavings    

    I love Cascade, nothing cleans like it.

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  • jmckiernan By  jmckiernan    

    Haven't found anything that cleans my dishes better.........and I've tried a lot of dish cleaner

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  • Rolltidemomma By  Rolltidemomma    

    Seems to be the ony one that gets my dishes clean in the dishwasher.

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  • lgodsey By  lgodsey    

    These are pretty good, I like the one's that are scented!!

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  • SarahDakota By  SarahDakota    

    Love these, they are perfect and very convenient.

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  • LeslieC By  LeslieC    

    These do a great job of cleaning and no water spots!

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  • 6pennies By  6pennies    

    i use these many times but i prefer the gel over the pacs

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  • Bayou715 By  Bayou715    

    They're a little more pricey than using a squeezable liquid detergent but, in terms of convenience and effectiveness, they deliver spot-free dishes.

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  • AngelWigginton By  AngelWigginton    

    I have been using them for quite a while now, and they work so great. My dishes are never greasy and always clean with a sparkle!

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  • BamaGirl71 By  BamaGirl71    

    I have had several failed attempts at finding the right dish washer soap, so when I found the gel pacs I thought I would give them a try. Those little guys do a great job at removing food stains off of dishes.

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