Enfagrow PREMIUM Older Todder Ready-to-Drink Milk Drinks, Vanilla Flavor

Enfagrow PREMIUM Older Todder Ready-to-Drink Milk Drinks, Vanilla Flavor

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I buy this just to have them on trips or something my boy drinks regular milk but whenever we do a field trip I buy this Enfamil because is really easy and doesn't need to be refrigerated like regular milk

First off this product is fairly expensive. I would not have bought it except for a local grocer had it BOGO and I had a check/coupon for majority of the price. Final cost for 4 cases/16 individaul cartons was a little over $5, but regular price is about $8-$10 case/4 individual cartons. Second, I always try new foods or beverages before offering to my son; it tasted like watered down milk to me but overall was acceptable. My son tried it and was ok with the first few drinks; however, when offered him to him at other times he refused. Third, it has HORRIBLE shelf life. Since my son refused to drink it I though I would give to friends with toddlers or donate to food bank. I wanted to make sure it was still "ok" in taste and safe to drink. Although the expiration date was still 3 weeks away it tasted like fish! I checked the ingredient label and sure enough fish oil was listed! My issue is not with the fish oil as I know it is added to many foods and beverages to supply nutrients. My issue is that the prodcut is not shelf stable for the amount of time the label indicates. The product had actually spoiled and the fish oil became rancid. Before you speculate as to storage conditions let me state the cartons were stored in a room temperature, dry pantry inside my home; not exposed to extreme heat or cold, excessive light, etc. Please just be aware that the product may taste "ok" initially it will not last long.

My son loves Enfagrow Premium! He much prefers it over regular milk or juice. I appreciate the added nutrition as he is somewhat of a picky eater. We would not have tried this if it were not for the coupons and samples that Enfamil mailed me.

Put my son this right after formula, he loved it an is healthier than juice, now he does pediasure. I would recommend this product as a supplement after baby formula, it's pricey but worth it

My son loved this product, but he also liked to drink milk. I found these useful on road trips, camping, and traveling in the airport. Plus I keep a couple in the trunk in just in case of emergency or if we are out and he gets hungry. No need to refrigerate and convenient.

My children weren't to fond of this product, but it didn't have a bad taste they liked the flavor just didn't drink it as much.

We gave this to my son till he was like 22 or 23 months old really. He loved this and I loved that he was getting all the vitamins.In fact I would still have him drinking this instead of milk but it is expensive when milk is an alternative choice.For any parents who are hesitant about milk this makes a great choice.It isn't that much more then formula either.

I too have a very picky eater and I feel better knowing that there is a product out there where she can still get all the vitamins and minerals needed for her age. Great product!

my son 10 months and he hates it lol he threw his bottle down oh well

My daughter liked (not loved) this. She is currently stuck on pediasure tho. I like that better because the nutritional content is better than the Enfagrow.

My granddaughter loved this product, but she is on WIC and they do not provide formula after a certain age.

I have two toddlers at home and I give Enfragrow premium and they love it so I know that they are getting all the nutrisions they need, I know that they are little expensive but I like that I get coupons from the company so I don't need to pay the full price and my kids are happy to drink it and they are growing fast so thanks for the milk .

my 1 year old thought that this tasted amazing. He was so excited that I couldn't even give him his cup fast enough. I was so happy that Enfamil sent me samples. Now I gotta make my husband get them on his way home.

My daughter didn't care for these at all. After one sip, she put it down and refused to drink anymore. I was hoping she would like them due to the nutritional content.

My daughter really loved how it tasted she wanted it all the time