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  • CaitlinBaker By  CaitlinBaker    

    This product made my hair seem even heavy. It had a very nice smell to it though.

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  • Amebasilio9 By  Amebasilio9    

    The smell was amazing and my hair looked like a million bucks. I had extremely damaged hair looked so fried and this gave it life again. So happy

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  • Tymera By  Tymera    

    I have used this shampoo twice before in the past and it works beautifully it didn't dry my hair out at all.

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  • Cmmmja By  Cmmmja    

    I really enjoy this conditioner. It smells good, leaves my hair feeling and smelling good. It works great. You don't need a whole bunch of it for it to work.

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  • PS2316 By  PS2316    

    Smell was nice but left hair feeling heavy and unclean. Would not use again

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  • amera101 By  amera101    

    The shampoo alone was great but this conditioner left my hair flat and lifeless although it was soft

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  • pmpyzia56 By  pmpyzia56    

    i got 2 samples the conditioner and shampoo and neither one did any good for my hair. still frizzy as ever . i ended up going back to Aveeno. brand

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  • Aleesalou By  Aleesalou    

    Works great!

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  • KathleenStroudsburg By  KathleenStroudsburg    

    Pantene is my favorite non salon shampoo. It smells great and leaves my hair clean and shiny. I like that it doesn't seem to strip my color treated hair. I also use it to wash my daughters hair as well

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  • lilpinky1234 By  lilpinky1234    

    Pantene is a great shampoo that leaves my hair healthy and smelling great. works well and the lathering is a blessing

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  • glad2bamom By  glad2bamom    

    I tried this product. My hair looks soft and shiny after couple use of it. Happy to try this.

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  • HannahRubsam By  HannahRubsam    

    Love This I have a really sensitive scalp and this is one of very few I can use and my hair loves it!

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  • shrekmomma By  shrekmomma    

    nice product, loved that it was natural

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  • Ambreeann By  Ambreeann    

    helps with my dry hair. plus natural so better

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  • eyvaughn By  eyvaughn    

    I think its a fairly nice product. Not a big fan of Pantene.

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