BiC Mark-It

BiC Mark-It

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Love Bic! Comes in beautiful vibrant colors!

These are one of my favorite to use for planning and journaling

Love these markers!!! The color designs are great. I use them often for grading papers in my classroom.

I used these all throughout high school and still have a couple and I graduated in 2012.

I am an artist, and i love these! The colors are bright and vibrant! I bought a pack probably 3 years ago, the only color that is dried up is the black, but i had a giant project i was using the black for.

My 8 year old son loves making art projects and the bright colors are great.

Love the colors. perfect for crafts. spreads on the thin page.

love them

LOVE these. I use them for crafting allll the time. They write so well and it's awesome to have so many colors to choose from. I have to hide these from my kids!!

i like this brand i always buy it. i use it for school, and other stuffs. really smooth.

I love using these for prize mails making the envolopes more fun!

Great color veriety and the price doesn't hurt my wallet! I use them to doodle or color with my daughter. She likes them too

I love these markers, they are cheaper than your normal sharpie and come in a beautiful assortment of colors. The fine point makes it easy to label items and labels. This is a product I will definitely keep on purchasing! :)

Last for a long time - do not dry out quickly like other brands. Lots of colors to choose from.

I will be the first to admit that I am a pen-freak, I love them all the colors and variety in point. needless to say I was super excited when I found these on sale with a coupon. When I got them home and began to use them I was really disappointed that they were so heavy and bled right through the papers. They are good markers, Bic makes very good products, but for more of a project type thing, on thick papers