Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Foundation

Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Foundation

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Great coverage, but doesnt last nearly as long as id like.

Found it to be too thick and guard to get even coverage.

looks very smooth

Good coverage with a light weight feel.

Not my favorite product, the fragrance it has is quite appealing but the coverage is hard to manage. Instea of my usual 5 minute swip and go routine i find myself spending up to ten minuts trying to apply it so that it look even. Makes my skin look blotchy and just about anyone else who wears it. The color is nic but the formula needs to be upgraded or change. Whatever it is needs improvement.

This foundation is tricky to apply but if you get down a technique that works, with a brush that works, you get a perfected face. I love how this foundation makes me matte and a little bit goes a long way. Only a teeny bit can give a good amount of coverage. Definitely a fav!

Did not like to go on smooth. Was very thick and hard to put on. I could not get the right color either. The color I normally wear was not the same in this. It ended up being way too dark

I really love this foundation. I think I have finally found a winner when it comes to foundation. It is so soft and smooth it leaves my skin looking flawless. I got a tip from another user to apply with the real techniques face brush and it works marvelous.

I loved the finish but I hated how it seemed to sponge up and flake the longer it was being used. Some of it was flaky on my face also. But the coverage was pretty good.

I always keep Maybelline's Dream Matte Mouse Foundation in my collection. It a great foundation to fall back on when I don't have or can't find my normal everyday brand of foundation. I love the texture- it's an airy, whipped mousse, that is completely effortless to apply. Because it's a matte foundation, it's great for my combination skin. It absorbs any oil that develops on my face throughout the day making it so I'm not shiny by lunch time. I love that it brightens up my face, giving me that bright eyed look- which is my fave look by the way! It's definitely worth trying if you haven't, especially if you have a problem with makeup staying put or fading throughout the day- this will more than likely solve that problem for you. It's always in my collection for a reason- it works well, and helps make me look gorge!

Had good coverage but it wasnt good for oily skin and felt really heavy on my face

I didn't like this product at all, it didn't work with my skin whatsoever. Clings to dry patches and looks very cakey. Nobody wants cake-face):

this is such a soft and smooth foundation. With a good primer and finishing powder it holds up really well.

great foundation

Easy to apply and blend, goes on smooth but it has a greasy feel to it, which for me and my oily skin was just a bad combination. It also clings and emphasizes any dry patches or imperfections. It doesn't have the greatest coverage and can be difficult to build without looking cakey. Might work for those who are looking for something lightweight and don't need a lot of coverage but would not recommend for oily skin.