Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Foundation

Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Foundation

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Very cakey. Doesnt look natural at all! I Felt like my pores were being drowned and it made me break out.

This oxidized and broke me out, i pitched it right away after 3 uses and my skin looked like a pizza, steer clear of this one!

Very cakey. Stopped using it right away.

I didn't like this product at all, it didn't work with my skin whatsoever. Clings to dry patches and looks very cakey. Nobody wants cake-face):

I really dislike this stuff. It doesn't stay on and it looks ridiculous when applied. Makes my face break out as well.

Made my skin flakey when it was on. Only used for a month before I hated it enough to throw it out.

Fails. LOW/no SPF IF you wear this product you will be creating more sun damage, more uneven skin and become addicted to this solution as your skin gets worse. If you are wearing sunscreen under this product...You just diluted it to half. Foundation is dangerous. Wear a big sunscreen and mineral powder, Maybelline makes a wonderful one. This products will hag out your skin eventually.

I really wanted to like this one! The other reasers are right, it does NOT do well with dry skin. I am cheap though, so Ive been combining it with lotion to make a tinted moisturizer, because I hate to just throw my money away. Even then it only lasts about 4 hours before it fades.

Had good coverage but it wasnt good for oily skin and felt really heavy on my face

Went on clumpy, hard to smooth and seemed to enhance lines. Made my face look extremely dry.

Easy to apply and blend, goes on smooth but it has a greasy feel to it, which for me and my oily skin was just a bad combination. It also clings and emphasizes any dry patches or imperfections. It doesn't have the greatest coverage and can be difficult to build without looking cakey. Might work for those who are looking for something lightweight and don't need a lot of coverage but would not recommend for oily skin.

I didn't love this product. It felt thick on my skin. I generally stick with BB creams, so this was out of my norm for me.

I don?t like how this feels on my shin. It goes on cakey and it highlights lines winkles. The coverage was heavier than I expected. It is very matte and drying on my skins. It hard to match your skin tone since it doesn?t offered samples for you to try on. I do like Maybelline other products but this one did not work well for me.

Not a good product for my skin. The texture is weird, hard to put on and my face gets greasy very fast, I don't recomend it

Im not a big fan of this product. Hard to apply, for me, not enough coverage.