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  • SimplySherryl By  SimplySherryl    

    It takes a little getting used to applying but it is very simple to use, goes on smooth, and lasts all day. I liked that it didn't smudge as much as my liquid liner and I didn't notice it cracking at all! I would recommend this to those that are used to wearing liquid liners. It's great for a quick freshen up too.

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  • glitterxx By  glitterxx    

    glides on nice and smooth. stays untill taken off

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  • ashtin By  ashtin    

    Easy to use. Color is great,though I have only used black. Draws smoothly so it is essy to line eyes.

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  • SimmonsR By  SimmonsR    

    I like how it always has a point somewhat. I did have a problem with it breaking. I am not sure why but it would just fall out. I would recomend this product if it would stop breaking.

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  • juliewillet22 By  juliewillet22    

    Loved the self sharpening. Just wish it was bolder I had to put it on a few times to get it dark

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  • jonafin By  jonafin    

    Goes on smoothly...Love it!

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  • barbdmon By  barbdmon    

    I love this eyeliner because its not rough like the pencil type but not liquid which i find impossible to use. Its easy to apply and long lasting.

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  • Lovely_Lexie By  Lovely_Lexie    

    Even though I prefer liquid eyeliner this product is good for people who have sensitive eyes. It goes on smoothly, it has a rich color and is affordable. It is not for people who like to put wings sent the point is rounded at the top. It's easy to smudge for others who like to do smokey eyes.

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  • jmills By  jmills    

    Easy to use. Goes on smooth.

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  • kimbo755 By  kimbo755    

    love this liner!

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  • Jassy0629 By  Jassy0629    

    I love this eyeliner and I've been using it foe years. Just wish it lasted a little longer

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  • supermamalatina By  supermamalatina    

    I used it and the this is I don't really like it, everytime I apply it, it broke and I HAVE TO put so much color on it to see that I AM wearing it.

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  • kayla87 By  kayla87    

    Just love how it looks

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  • EL_549 By  EL_549    

    The color was not as dark as it should have been. Had to go over it many times to get it to show up. Also, the tip kept breaking in the middle of the second eye,

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  • sassypants95 By  sassypants95    

    Self sharpening is very handy. The black was excellent, although I would love to try the expresso color. It went on smoothly and last throughout the day.

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