CoverGirl Perfect Point Plus Eyeliner

CoverGirl Perfect Point Plus Eyeliner

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Hmm, not really a big Cover Girl fan and i found this to be what i expected, its nice and soft yes but when you use the "smudge" end it basically wipes the product off, i dont think i would purchase this.

The brown color was more of a red in color after a half day of wearing it. The brown color faded away.

The color was not as dark as it should have been. Had to go over it many times to get it to show up. Also, the tip kept breaking in the middle of the second eye,

I normally only use higher quality makeup products - and this is why - The liner went on okay, not with the 'precision' I would have hoped for though. It also smudged easily and was not long lasting.

I used it and the this is I don't really like it, everytime I apply it, it broke and I HAVE TO put so much color on it to see that I AM wearing it.

I like how it always has a point somewhat. I did have a problem with it breaking. I am not sure why but it would just fall out. I would recomend this product if it would stop breaking.

The first time I got this it was great-it lasted three months before running out. However, the second time I bought it, it lasted somewhere around two weeks. I wasn't doing anything different, it just ran out amazingly quickly. Guarenteed great for the first two weeks; beyond that I make no promises.

Its ok. It glides smoothly but it doesn't stay put all day like some other brands but for the money its good.

This was a good product but the color that I received was brown, and with my brown skin tone it did not show up well. It was a very smooth product. I will have to try black!

I'm a very picky eyeliner person. This liner went on very well. I was not a big fan of the smudge tool at the end. The color stayed on a good part of the day. A good product, but not my favorite.

I loved how smoothly this product applied. However, I did have it smudged under my eyes after a couple of hours. I just wiped it away & reapplied.

Easy to use and smooth - i dont typically use brown eyeliner but the brand and use of the application - no complaints. I really love cover girl brand.

Just tried it today not a big fan of the smudge tool on the end it made most of it disappear and I had to reapply. It worked okay and stayed on most of the day but I wouldn't purchase thank you for the sample.

Goes on smooth. And soft you don't need to use Harley any pressure. Not a fan of the color and it did not smudge well for me but I normally don't smudge my eyeliner.

This eyeliner worked very well, but the brown was a little light for me and didn't define my eyes as much as I prefer. It did go on very smooth and cleanly and I really liked that about it.