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  • Ambyars By  Ambyars    

    Works great. My dermatologist recommended this to me. It gets my skin super clean and gives it a great glow!

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  • nightowl85 By  nightowl85    

    I love this. I used to have these little bumps on my forehead, and using this has made them disappear. I love how clean my face feels after using this. It feels much cleaner and more invigorated than just using face wash.

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  • schonell By  schonell    

    I finally purchased my Clarisonic after hearing so much anout it. I initially tried everything else on the market to see if their would be anything else comparable. After about 6 months of YouTube reviews and every drug store and beauty store then I finally marched myself to Ulta and purchased it. Its has been great, my skin feels soft and the white heads around my nose are no longer. I can tell my shin is cleaner nkw after a wash to. After I used hand wash and then use an Astringent. .only to see dirt and makeup still. Now I see nothing on the cotton ball. Its worth it, save time and purchase.

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  • vanessadc By  vanessadc    

    Amazing! I received my Clarisonic as a gift a few years ago and I loved it so much! For some reason (I have no idea), I had stopped using it for about a year. In that year, my face started breaking out and just didn't look near as soft or healthy. Once I started using it again, it was like magic! I love it!

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  • kellerman83 By  kellerman83    

    Who didn't see this in every ad and lust after it? I finally got one and I get the hype. It's very effective at removing makeup (yeah, I don't have time to remove my make up and THEN wash my face, don't judge me) and leaves your face feeling like it does after you exfoliate. Love it.

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  • emythebirdlover By  emythebirdlover    

    Would love to try

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  • lissacole By  lissacole    

    I work in the cosmetic industry and heard all my co-workers rave about the Clarisonic. I was a little skeptical that the product worked as well as everyone said it did. At a starting price of $125 I wasn't sure if it was worth shelling out that amount of cash. I finally gave in and decided to give it a try and I am so glad that I did. I absolutely love washing my face now and can really feel the difference in my skin cleanliness and texture when I use it. Since purchasing a Mia my co-workers and customers have asked how I get such flawless skin. I give all the credit to my Mia and feel that it's worth every penny spent. The Mia comes with a 1 year warranty and when you break down the cost of the Mia per use for the first year it comes out to about $0.17 per use if you use it twice a day.

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  • vanessafas By  vanessafas    

    I love this thing! I must admit I was too aggressive with it the first few days, and my sensitive skin paid for it with red blotches and raw spots. But since I started using it more gently, my skin is softer, smoother, and glowing. You just have to find the right amount of pressure for your specific skin. I love using it in the shower, and love the lather it builds when I use it to lather up before shaving my legs. What a nice treat, even better because it was on clearance when I found it!

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  • katiemwebb By  katiemwebb    

    It cleaned my skin very well. Unfortunately my skin was too sensitive, and rubbed raw in a few spots. Therefore I haven't been able to use it since. Everyone else i've talked to has loved it though.

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  • csmaxwell1622 By  csmaxwell1622    

    I purchased this a few weeks ago and think it is a good buy. Makes my face feel super clean. I wish the brush rotated just a little faster.

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  • Serenity231 By  Serenity231    

    This skincare system has been infulential in helping me achieve my goal of having healthy skin and a good skincare regimen in general. I actually received mine as a christmas present from my husband and barely if ever now gowithout. I absolutely love and was blown away by the new feeling of clean and softness in my face within the first day and even still now. It's also awesome for travel as well, when you need to clean your face on the go, or at the gym. I will continue to use this system and in the future upgrade to the professional grade one as well.

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  • psugal By  psugal    

    I recently purchased the Clarisonic Skin Cleansing System with the hopes of improving the tone and clarity of my skin. I was a bit concerned, because since reaching age 50, I've been experiencing breakouts from rosacea. I bought the Mia 2 with the sensitive brush head. So far, I've been very pleased. My skin tone is more even, and I've noticed fewer bumps and less redness. I also feel my moisturizer works better. Yay! I'd definitely recommend the Clarisonic.

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  • chart1 By  chart1    

    I bought one of these about a year ago as a last ditch acne fighting venture. I have struggled for many years and have used nearly every over the counter and prescription medicine with little to no results (and yes this included accutane). This little wonder has made my face so smooth and nearly acne free. I have had some hormonal related pimples here and there, but nothing compared to the acne minefields of the past. The Clarisonic is 100% worth every penny!!

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  • caseyfleagle By  caseyfleagle    

    This has become an everyday face routine staple for me! I believe this product is a must have. It leaves your skin feeling unbelievable soft after you wash your face, and as clean as ever! I usually use a makeup wipe before I use the clarisonic, so the bristles are not stained. But it removes every inch of makeup and cleans out clogged pores. I love this product so much! It is fantastic! I can't imagine having to go without it now!

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  • itsallaboutthehair By  itsallaboutthehair    

    Never tried this, its a tad too pricey for me, but would love to try it. I have heard so many awesome reviews on it. maybe someday.

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