Johnsonville Mild Italian Sausage

Johnsonville Mild Italian Sausage

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Sausage My family are very picky eaters and usually don't like sausage, but they are actually very fond of this one. And they are Especially great for barbecues and i love how it gets you full extra fast.

Johnsonville Sausage Johnsonville italian sausages are mild in flavor and great in taste. Love them.

Awesome mild Italian sausage This product is awesome on the grill with onions and green peppers added. Not too hot not too simple just right even after adding other sides. Have already recommended this product to family and so many friends.

The best Italian sausage! Johnsonville is my favorite brand when it comes to Italian sausage.

Check out their Blog for Recipes I use the ground version of this mixed with ground chuck to make my spaghetti and not a noodle is left. It tastes so good and has just the right amount of seasoning. I am hooked and have been since my mother first bought it when I was younger. I also like to go to their website/blog and get new recipes to try using their meats.

I love Johnsonville Italian sausages they are a quick and a easy dinner or lunch. I like to BBQ them. They are a picnic item

Spicy, mild or brats, these are good! We love these sausages. So versatile. You can eat them with mashed potatoes as is, in a bun or sliced and cooked on pizza. My husband eats what is left cold for lunch and wants to know why larger packages aren't available.

Very fennel-y I did not like the fennel flavor in the mild is very strong to me and I would like to see more flavoring other than the fennel flavor!

Loved them Loved them I will continue to tell everyone how good they are .love love loved them

Overall pretty good We had these in a 4 cheese ravioli dish and the light hear of the sausage complimented the dish so well. The flavors were very good and just the right amount of heat. My only complaint would be I wasnt a huge fan of the texture. I prefer my sausage to have a finner, more ground texture. This sausage had a very chunky texture.

Good Sausages I really like these sausages. They are easy to cook on the grill and taste great either by themselves or in a bun.

Great I love these, they are great no matter how you make them. On the grill, in the skillet or oven.

I buy this all the time, i love using it when i make chili, gives it great flavor

My sons and husband love Johnsonville Mild Italian Sausage! They are not picky eaters but my daughter is and prefers hot dogs. I like these Bratwursts but I really have to be in the mood to eat one.

Johnsonville is a name I trust and they always deliver top notch quality. This mild sausage is always a hit. With my teens and toddler. The seasoning is just right. We use it in our spaghetti or cooked on the grill and served in a bun either way its amazing!