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  • AustenLove By  AustenLove    

    So cute!

    We got this for our daughter when she was a baby and she loved it! The ability to connect this to a computer and personalize it is what sets it apart in my opinion. The only problem we had was our daughter's name was unique so the computer wasn't able to pronounce it, but it still did the song to help her learn how to spell it. I love the variety of songs and learning tools.

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  • CaitFaith By  CaitFaith    

    My kid loves this! It can be personalized and I just love it! She learns a lot from this including colors and numbers. Great toy

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  • KimberleeGoodson By  KimberleeGoodson    

    I'm a fan of all LeapFrog toys. They're very educational. My son loves Scout

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  • hgilpin12 By  hgilpin12    

    Love this product! I was able to personalize it to my sons likes and favorite songs! We have had one with each our 3 children growing up!

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  • katietylock By  katietylock    

    Scout and Violet have been favorites for both of my kids and all of my nephews. I love how you can program it to say your child's name, favorite animal, favorite food and favorite color. The kiddos always light up when they hear Scout/Violet say their name. It is a great learning toy. It teaches feelings which I love. I always buy for my friends who are having a baby or for their children on a 1st birthday.

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  • Leavitt12 By  Leavitt12    

    Super cute product very customizable. The music it's my daughter to sleep and she loves to listen to the stories.

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  • vnarcisse By  vnarcisse    

    WE LOVE SCOUT!!!!! He is the best. Easy to set up with your child's names and favorites. He adds the name, favorite food and color to songs. Auto shut off when he's not being used. The best feature- the bedtime music; he plays classical instruments for 5, 10, or 15 minutes . Absolutely awesome toy!!

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  • gaarabucket By  gaarabucket    

    I would definitely recommend it, in fact I have gifted this toy multiple times. I got this item because I put it on my register when I was pregnant. I received it at my baby shower and I was so excited that I got my phone out and set it up immediately, which was very easy to do. My son is young, but it is still fun for him and he likes to chew on it and cuddle it during his floor time. It also has a bedtime song button which means even though he is still only 4 months, we use it often. I personally like it when he sings to my son because it sings his name, which catches his attention and is teaching him things through song at a very young age that he will hear over the course of his next year or two of life.

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  • ShayDenZayne By  ShayDenZayne    

    My 18 month old son has one and I honestly didn't know if he would like it, but he loves stuffed animals and puppies so I decided to get it. I'm so glad I did! He loves it. I got it for him when he was 10 months old and he has been attached to Scout ever since. It's the cutest thing to see.

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  • ashleywsaiz By  ashleywsaiz    

    These toys are so neat because they're interactive without having a screen! Love it!

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  • khays2616 By  khays2616    

    My son got this for christmas this year. He hasn't put it down since he opened it. Hes only 2 but he will sit down with it and act like he's reading the books with his " my puppy" as he calls it.

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  • shrout319 By  shrout319    

    My daughter received Violet as a gift. She really likes playing with it. It's really soft to cuddle with. There are so many different options to customize it to your child. She really likes all the different music that it plays.

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  • tattedstylist12 By  tattedstylist12    

    My daughter loves this toy. Loves to cuddle it, but it's also a great learning tool!

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  • julia921 By  julia921    

    did not engage my child like I thought it would.

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  • MegBrek By  MegBrek    

    my daughter received Violet for her first birthday, she is now three and Violet is still her best friend

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