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The Home Depot is a great store for anything home related. I'm usually here at least once a week. My husband who is a contractor is there at least 3 times a week and has nothing but good things to say about the store. Prices are cheaper than Lowe's too. They also have a great return policy and about 95% of the employees have always been friendly.

In our town lowes and home depot isn't even 6 minutes apart but we chose home depot over lowes. We feel that the employees know more and are more willing to help out their customers. Not a fan of their flowers in the spring though. I planted around 20 last year and about 15 died. ��

I like this store but they are a bit pricey

My husband & I have a credit card with them. We "were" loyal customers & always made our payments on time. We miss 1 payment & they blow our phones up at least 4 or 5xs a day. We told them we planned on making a payment asap, yet they kept calling and calling. Needless to say we did make our payment & we have canceled the card.

I shop at Home Depot mainly for garden supplies, we purchased all of the wood for raised garden beds here and we had a coupon so it made the price even better (the price was better than other home stores to start). The customer service was very good.

The Home Depot is a great store. Depending on the store location the products and services can differ in quality and price. Overall this store has everything from painting supplies, gardening ideas to completely remodeling a home. Great store!

Home depot is a good store. They have just about anything you are looking for when doing home improvement. Their employees are friendly, if you can find one. If you need help, good luck finding someone that will help you. I like Lowes better. Cheaper prices, cleaner stores, and helpful employees.

I abhor Home Depot. I used to shop there equally with Lowe's when we were remodeling our old house, but the help was not very helpful and the employees I dealt with were actually quite rude. I don't like being treated like I'm stupid for picking a type of flooring that the employee doesn't find attractive. It's my home, not theirs. Now we are spending thousands of dollars remodeling our new home, and not a penny will be spend at Home Depot. I don't like their stand on social issues and hate how companies get involved with those sort of things to begin with. It's not just the stand they take, but the indoctrination of children as well within that stand. I will never shop at Home Depot again.

I go here for quick purchases, but I've never had a problem with anything or anyone. The last time I was here I was looking for slats for my bed. The employee told me that none of the wood they had would be as strong as the slat I took with me for length comparison, so he recommended a lumberyard which is located about 5 miles away. A few minutes later, I realized that instead of adding slats, I could just add cement blocks under the bed. Not nice looking, but who's going to see them, right? Then, I passed by a cartfull of scrap wood. I noticed a huge wide and deep piece of wood and asked the employee if he could cut this up for us. He of course said yes and proceeded to do an excellent job at it. I painted the blocks the same color as the bed and now you cannot see them at all and they give fantastic support to the already existing slats under the mattress :)

I'm not a fan. The store does not seem "female friendly". I feel lost every time I have to go there. I usually end up finding waht i'm looking for at a different store.

I have dealt with Home Depot quite bit between remodeling the home we live in and a rental property we own. The Home Depot in Park City, UT was extremely professional and helpful. We used them to put new carpets in our rental house in Evanston,WY. Their people showed up 20 minutes early and finished the job that same afternoon. They even cut some of the remnants down for us so we could use them in our home in Las Vegas. Our local Las Vegas Home Depot always offer friendly, polite service as well. Two thumbs up for Home Depot.

I love home improvement stores, but not Home Depot. Trying to get help from a salesperson is frustrating. Waiting in the long checkout lines can border on ridiculous. They do have a good assortment of items it you already know what you need and where it is at, and if you have plenty of time to stand in a long check out. Also, if you shop right after a delivery of plants, you can get some lovely ones. However, my favorite is Lowe's. They are obviously much more customer oriented.

My husband literally lives at Home Depot. Also I might add, we only live about a block from one. However I will not go anymore as I have a difference with them on some social issues. I feel there are too many good causes that benefit everyone and establishments should not support social issues.

I have never had a worse product buying experience than at the Home Depot. My husband & I decided to build a shed in our backyard. We chose 1 from the Home Depot. Sadly, the kit came with no shingles, no plywood for the floor, no nails, no nothing. However, the brochure said that it was a complete kit! When we challenged Home Depot on it, no one at the store knew what to do or say. When we finally got a response back from Corporate (after calling the 1800 several times) the best that they could come up with was "it was a typo" and they offered us a piece of plywood for the floor. We were out for the shingles, nails, paint, sealer, and everything else not included in this "complete kit." Would give this ZERO stars but the system won't let me.

You can never find an employee to help you and if you do find one, they usually don't have a clue.