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  • jam_i209 By  jam_i209    

    I love mint & chocolate. Peppermint bark isn't hard to make at all, but hey if I can buy these I can't complain. These are quite delicious.

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  • ShellM4 By  ShellM4    

    Way too sweet. I bought them to make candy cane blossoms during Christmas and although the cookies came out pretty good they were a bit too sweet for me. Will not make again or buy these again. Not a good kiss.

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  • LaceyMBundschuh By  LaceyMBundschuh    


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  • mctazman2 By  mctazman2    

    These are fabulous. Infact most of the new regular and seasonal kisses are Phenomenal.

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  • mandi1002 By  mandi1002    

    I so love these i buy them every christmas and i am the one that eats most of them because there so smooth and creamy and love the mint taste.

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  • amykathleen2005 By  amykathleen2005    

    Not a fan, but then I don't like mint anyway.

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  • darkvixen620 By  darkvixen620    

    So good, even better when they are cold.

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  • angelmk By  angelmk    

    These are great for making the blossom type cookies at Christmas,use these with sugar cookies.

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  • erica1173 By  erica1173    

    I love the peppermint flavor in these little kisses.

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  • mussig7 By  mussig7    

    These things are amazing!! I wish they were sold more in my area because they are so good! I put these in my daughter's stocking this past Christmas and she loved them too!

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  • pinksavage22 By  pinksavage22    

    im obbsessed with these, although I cannot find them in my area anymore, these were perfect, the mint and the chocolate are my faveorite sweet combo, and these were absolutley amazing. Now only if I could find them in a store in my area id have a little bit of heaven every day.

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  • Bianca0201 By  Bianca0201    

    I look forward to winter-time solely because i am IN LOVE with these chocolates. They are minty, and chocolaty, but neither taste takes away from the other making it so perfectly combined. I buy so many bags of these each winter, because i know they clear out fast from the stands.... or maybe its me that's clearing them out ;)

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  • karinna By  karinna    

    yummy, great late night treat for mom.

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  • JustinaMarie By  JustinaMarie    

    Good taste

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  • anganny609 By  anganny609    

    My 7 year old son loves these. I don't really favor these

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