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  • chyened By  chyened    

    Love it!! Way less expensive than Similac and Enfamil, and it doesn't bother my 3mon's belly. He had a hard time on Enfamil, switched over and he's back to his happy self.

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  • MamaMeow By  MamaMeow    

    We had to try several different formulas for my son and he ended up needing the Soy formula. I tried the Parent's Choice because you could get a bigger can and it saved a lot of money. It is exactly the same as the name brands as far as nutrients and vitamins.They are able to cost less because they don't have a huge marketing budget. The customer support is excellent if you have a concern or question.

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  • amhuwa By  amhuwa    

    Used parents choice formula after I quit brestfeeding and we no longer had a stock pile of formula that was given to us. It worked great and had all the nutrients without the price of other brands.

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  • tanyacook By  tanyacook    

    Used this when I couldn't afford Enfamil. Same health benefits but the powder isn't as fine of a texture. Occasionally clumped up in bottle. Mixing with warm water seemed to help this.

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  • reena100 By  reena100    

    I purchased this formula at my local kmart. The price is cheap saved me alot of money . Baby like it.

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  • itzy2006 By  itzy2006    

    This is the formula I use with my daughter and really like it

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  • ahickernell By  ahickernell    

    I used this formula when my 4 year old was a baby. Not only is this cost efficient, but my son's reflux improved when we switched to this from Similac advance.

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  • imanangel202001 By  imanangel202001    

    Same as the name brand but $4-$5 cheaper. Love it!

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  • aliciadean3 By  aliciadean3    

    I like the price and it seems to have the same vitamins and nutrients as the more expensive brands.

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  • Marshallmandy By  Marshallmandy    

    This has been a good formula for us the baby does great with it and it's cheap yet just as healthy as the name brand

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  • triplea2010 By  triplea2010    

    I tried parents choice for my son but He refused to take it. Something about it he didn't like it.

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  • nikkisg By  nikkisg    

    ok my babys seem to spit up a lot when i use this product.

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  • singlemommyof2 By  singlemommyof2    

    I use this in the Gentle for my daughter. Just as good as the more expensive brands but cost much less! =)

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  • EthanNDomsMom By  EthanNDomsMom    

    We used this brand of formula with our youngest baby. I was apprehensive at first because it's a store brand and our older son had a hard time with all the other formulas but we were trying to save money while hubby was laid off. I was so glad we tried it, he had no problems with it at all! I researched the brand that makes it and found out they make every store brand (at least all the ones I could think of searching!). We could buy any store's brand of formula and not have to worry about switching formulas on him!

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  • oregonmama By  oregonmama    

    Wonderful store brand. The price is amazing.

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