e.l.f. Cosmetics Eyeshadow Brush

e.l.f. Cosmetics Eyeshadow Brush

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Perfect for applying eye shadow and also contouring my nose! I love it! Highly recommend

Long lasting Had the same brush for years. Hairs may fall out here and there but like I said, I've had it for years so clearly it's not falling out that much. Highly recommend!

Great for $1 I love most of e.l.f. Cosmetics makeup brushes. I really love this one. I have about 3 of these. Each are $1 if you buy online. They are great quality to me. It applies eye shadow very well! If you're new into buying makeup brushes, I suggest trying out this one!

Favorite! This is my favorite brush for packing in shadow on my lid. The fact that the bristles are not long and the way they are cut, it is wonderful for packing color; they also are not stiff, so you won't feel any scratching or poking. After many years (around 6 years) of use and cleaning, it has not shed at all. For a $1 USD brush, to still be good after 6 years is amazing, I will say that the first I've ever owned, is just starting to show the first signs of wear and tear, the ferule feels that it is starting to get loose, but during cleaning I have accidentally dropped it in water, so that might also have contributed the loosening.

It's a must! I love this brush! Especially when youreading just beginning out in makeup. So affordable and works great!

Affordable Great for packing eyeshadow with little to no fall out.

Great product! I think I bought mine for $1 or $2. I have never had a problem with it shedding.

I like this brush because it's so cheap but it sheds a lot

just as Good as the expensive brushes. Love Elf products

Typically i really really love elf brushes, while i dont dislike this one i can say you get what you pay for. there is a lot of shedding with this brush and does not pick up product that well.

This is a fantastic brush for the price and performs very well!

Sturdy bristles with a nice shape. This is my primary brush.

as a professional makeup artist this brush is horrible quality. INVEST in good brushes. The appearance of your makeup application will be enhanced and improve drastically.

I like this brush but def don't love it, the products falls off the brush prior to reaching my face.

This is a great eye shadow brush. It is very affordable and does the job.