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  • randasha12 By  randasha12    

    very trendy with the young world and i really would love one but i dont have the money

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  • swest72766 By  swest72766    

    This is the first Ipod I have ever owned and my husband bought each of us one for our anniversary because they had the face time and he he drives a truck and this is simply the best thing since sliced bread,no matter where he is in the states,as long as he has a wi-fi signal he can see and talk to me and vice versa,it is marvelous to see your loved ones when they are far away,not to mention the apps and it goes without saying that the music sounds great and it holds so much of everything,music,photos,apps,there has not been anything bad I can say about the product,in fact I don't know how we ever lived without this!

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  • Nicole87 By  Nicole87    

    I love my Ipod. I take it everywhere, I use it for everything. My kids love it too. It's great for them to play games with at the Dr.'s office! Keeps them quiet and entertained. I use mine for music, movies, videos, games, as an e-reader. Like I said I love my Ipod and so do my kids!

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  • sephoraluver75 By  sephoraluver75    

    My mother in law helped my son buy one when it first came out and then a few years later .. after much begging from my daughter we got her one as well as a Christmas present. They both love them. I can't believe how many apps they hold! There is so much you can use these for its unreal. I downloaded a ton of sleeping apps, white noise and nature types sounds for my daughter because she has the same problem as me, shutting her brain down at night, this is the ONLY thing that works for her (sleeping music) and shes usually out in less than 15 minutes.

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  • ampjorgensen By  ampjorgensen    

    Love love love. Can't believe I use it for as much as I do, i barely even use it for music. I have an ap I use to keep track of my in home daycare hours!

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  • gengirl234 By  gengirl234    

    i have the 4th gen model (8gig) and i love it! I can do everything on it and more, the diffrent apps you can use are a plus. the only draw back is when i need to do something else while using facetime when i come back into the facetime app it is a black screen. other then that it is a great buy, if you don't have you go get one!!

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  • winglesssmith By  winglesssmith    

    Honestly, I'd feel totally lost if I didn't have the i-touch! I do everything on it. Email - you can add more than one account on it. Grocery shop list - I can have it where I don't ever have to write a list and lose it again, heck the program I have for it will email it to me so I can print it too. Contact info - Don't have to search and wonder where the heck I put that address or phone number. Coupons - has an app for it and you can print them out from the i-touch too (there are a lot of good apps for saving money/getting good deals. Shopping - Almost all the big retailers have an app for you to down load so you can just shop from your device. Reading - The i-touch has it's own program, but I have the Kindle program on it, can read any books from it on it. Music - of course you have to have music on an Ipod!!, Games - I have a lot of learning ones for me but I've also got a few that for my nieces and nephew to play. I can text on it for free... The list goes on and on. There is just so much you can do with it and practically every app I have on it was free.. The only thing is you HAVE to be connected to the internet for anything to go though (GPS, email, facebook, ect) so it's not connected constantly like the cellphones are. If you don't mind that, then it's totally worth it (I thought it was!!)

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  • Gabriella82 By  Gabriella82    

    send one my way and will give you a review

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  • customsurfartdotcom By  customsurfartdotcom    

    Please send me one to review!!! : )

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    I would love to have one .. maybe Santa will bring me one :-)

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  • Burns09 By  Burns09    

    I would love to have one of these but they are just too expensive for my budget unfortunately, my husband and i have been looking for an ipod classic because it is cheaper but we cant seem to find one. All the stores started just selling the touch.

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  • rvrsgrl By  rvrsgrl    

    I love my iPod. It is so great for so many reasons! The music capacity of the 32g is great along with holding photos and lots of fun entertaining apps. I have a smartphone that can do a lot of the same apps, but still prefer my iPod tinker with them on. I have an iPod Nano that I use for running because the touch is a bit cumbersome for women to wear with an armband. The internet is great can watch youtube videos and check your email. I highly recommend the iTouch!

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  • craftymomo By  craftymomo    

    Perhaps suprisingly, I use mine most often as an E-Book Reader! Sure the screen is pretty small, but heck most readers cost twice as much. I'm a big fan of both simplifiying and multi-tasking, so I use my iPod for almost all of my media needs. I love that I can just lay down in bed and swith between reading to playing my move on scrabble without moving an inch.... then I can jump up on my treadmill and switch to music ^_^.

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  • frizzyborden By  frizzyborden    

    I love my iPod Touch. It's nice-looking and works well. I love that I can store and listen to music, watch video, browse the internet, download apps, etc. on it. I have a lot of songs on mine and my memory is nowhere near filled up. I had an ipod Nano and an iPod Video before this and they froze up all the time, but my iPod Touch hardly ever if every at all freezes up or has problems.

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  • vedodson By  vedodson    

    Cannot say enough good things about the itouch! I got mine last month and have a hard time going anywhere without it. Long batter life and plenty of storage space. Love the apps!

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