Pledge  Fabric Sweeper for Pet Hair

Pledge Fabric Sweeper for Pet Hair

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Its a great product but depends on the material you cleaning the hair from.I realized ruffer materials are easier to clean.. They only thing i dont like is that it takes a while for the hair to roll to the plastic container so i end up taking it of the roll with my hands which i guess makes it last longer. The perfume smell with the first use tho seem to scare(she didnt go back on her chair) away my cat so take the one without. But i would buy it again

I am sure it doesn't remove all the fur from you furniture, but for me it works great to get the kitty fur off my bed where my "grandkitties" nap. The new ones are made so you can empty and reuse them. I love it.

i have a longhaired orange tabby and his hair is EVERYWHERE! i used this on the couch and was shocked at the hairball i found in it when i was done. haha. i had to work with it to empty it though so i could use it again. i even bought one for my mom and grandmother after i used it.

Just got it and it works pretty well. I just wish that it was sturdier and reusable. I would have given it five stars if you could empty it and use it again.

This is great product. I have a chocolate lab and it works great getting the pet hair off my bedspread and the back seat of my car. I too wish that it could be emptied and reused. .

This product is very good for getting cat hair off of chairs. Only drawback, its disposable and cannot be reused.

It works very well, my only problem with it is that when it is full you have to throw the whole thing out and that is not good for the environment.

I was also very pleased with this product, it sure beats going out and buying a very expensive pet-hair vaccum.. I thought that it worked very well, and the price is right too. Keep a look out in your local paper for coupons!!

Finally!! Someone was smart enough to come up with something to remove those darn stubborn pet hair on the furniture. I tried this product a couple of weeks ago and I love it. I am embrassed to even admit it, but the Pledge Fabric Sweeper pulled a chunk of cat and dog hair off our furniture. It was amazing. I've tried everything from masking tape to lint roller but nothing seemed to do the job. I highly recommend this product. The only negative thing is the handle. I wrote a report about it suggested a sturdier handle other than that its great and the price is very reasonable.

I was curious to try this product after seeing it advertised. I have two cats and I have been searching for something that actually works to remove pet hair from upholstery. I admit to being skeptical when I read the directions. It really seemed too simple and it didn't look like it would work. It comes right out of the box, ready to go. Two rollers pick up hair and trap it in the container which doubles as a handhold. Following the directions to use moderate pressure in short strokes, this product was very easy to use and it works! I would recommend this to anyone with a pet. No mess and no fuss. Added bonus: a few coupons in the box for the next purchase.

The only reason I can't give it a five star rating is because I haven't tried it yet. I really really want to though. I have two dogs and a cat and I am forever getting hair all over my clothes, furniture, automobile, etc etc. It is very frusterating and the only thing that seems to pick up the hair is a large roll of tape! I have been fairly happy with the other products you make but not happy enough to go pay the price for this one to try it.

It worked okay. It seemed like a lot for the use you get out of it. However my mom took the back off of hers and just empties it instead of throwing it out when it was full. I have only bought it once!

Was excited when this came out, doesn't even come close to the what. & why of the advertisements.

I bought and used this product about 2 months ago.I have a Welsh Corgi,and at times she sheds...a lot . I bought the Pledge fabric sweeper in hopes that I could keep my sofa free of her dog hair.Well, the first couple of swipes and was happy.It actually did pick up the hair.However,after a couple more uses/swipes,the fabric for pet hair did not live up to the hype.I just went back to using my vacumn attachments to clean.Oh well..gave it a try... and now I know better. Maybe if they improve on the product I'll give it another go.

This worked somewhat. It would leave some of the dog hair behind . I used this on a velvet chair I sit in alot with my dog.