Chicco Cortina Travel Stroller System

Chicco Cortina Travel Stroller System

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I love this system. I had my first child (daughter) 3/30/11. She was 11lbs at birth and this system was great. I love the fact you can click in the car seat to the base in the car or on the stroller. No need to strap in the car seat every time you want to go somewhere. It is super easy to use. The stroller is very sturdy, lots of room to put her bag, my purse, shopping bags, cup holder. Also with our straps you can strap the diaper bag on the front and free up more room in the bottom. The car seat snaps in so the baby faces you. She is 6 months old now and we have actually put her in the main stroller area without her car seat and she is fine. She loves to lay back (and yes the system lays back completely if you know what you are doing). You can recline it back to the final position and then your baby can sleep or sit it up so he/she is sitting up and can access the tray and cup holder. I got mine in green so in case we have a boy next we can resuse it. It is large but with a newborn or baby you need to haul around more. With a 2-3 year old you may want just a cheap pop open stroller. We will have to upgrade to a different carseat at 22lbs though which stinks but I can still use the stroller for a long time.

I purchased this stroller for my grand-daughter when she was a infant and loved it...however once she started growing there wasn't enough room for her to lay back, the back doesn't lay flat. It also takes up a large amount of space in the trunk. I'm in the process right now in finding a new stroller. I won't recommend this stroller for a child older then 6/7 months, after that there isn't enough room for them.

Love, Love, Love this product. I got this as a baby shower gift for my first son. It was a product that was highly recommended to me and it was really affordable with the carseat and stroller in one price. My son used the carseat all the way till he was 6months, and the stroller he loves. Easy to clean and very stylish. I always see the mom's in my area walking there babies in this stoller.

I didn't buy the travel system, but I did buy the Chicco Cortina Stroller and it is the BEST stroller on the market. We tried over 25 strollers in the store for durability, ease of use and smooth ride and this one won. I always joke that this stroller is like butter and it is! Now I have baby #2 and wish there was a dual Chicco!

This is an amazing product! We love our system. Our sheriff told us that the car seat is the "safest in the industry". My son loves the stroller - it can go over any terrain and is so light weight that it travels really well. Yes, it's a bit bulky, but what do you expect from a large stroller? The only downside is that the plastic, while cleanable, causes my baby to sweat when it's hot outside. It's a small price to pay for an absolutely fabulous sytem.

We had the the red carseat/stroller and I loved how easy it was to get in and out of the car and stroller. My daughter loved it and when she out grew it we were very sad. We passed it on to a friend who preferred it over the Graco carseat she had originally registered for.

Love this stroller! Looks good and has plenty of storage. It's easy to open and close.

This stroller did what it needed to do for us. I found it to be quite large when folded in my trunk. The straps were big and I was never able to adjust them to be small enough for my daughter. Not knowing any better, I thought it was good- THEN I got a jogging stroller. Plastic 6 inch wheels do not even compare to air filled 12" tires that swivel! I will use the jogging stroller with an attachment for the next kid. Forget the travel system- I will use my Baby Jogger- City Elite stroller- a much better stroller that can grow with your child-- up to 80 lbs!

I wouldn't buy anything else! Our daughter was small when she was born and fit perfect in the carseat...she's bigger now and by no means is it too small! The stroller rides so smooth. The fabric on both is great - it cleans up very easily. We know other parents who have other brands and are unhappy - we are so glad we went with this!

I am a new mom, and i did do alot of reaserch on this item... there were alot of good reviews. I agree 100%, my son is now 9 months and since he was a new born he fit perfect in there, very confortable for him, he would rest there with no problems and he still fits in there really good. The stroller is awsome, it handles very good when were out and about and like said previously it is easy to fold and unfold. The harnes is secure and its built to last. strong and durable!!! I don't mind paying a bit more money for something safer and better for my child!! worth the price!!

Love this stroller/car seat system. I love that it holds the infant up to 30 lbs, most others only hold the infant to 22 lbs. We have the Cubes design- it's very modern-looking, gender-neutral, and our daughter can sleep in it for hours comfortably when I am out and about. It's easy to assemble, transport, etc. The stroller does take up a lot of room in our trunk though.