Chicco Cortina Travel Stroller System

Chicco Cortina Travel Stroller System

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I purchased this stroller for my grand-daughter when she was a infant and loved it...however once she started growing there wasn't enough room for her to lay back, the back doesn't lay flat. It also takes up a large amount of space in the trunk. I'm in the process right now in finding a new stroller. I won't recommend this stroller for a child older then 6/7 months, after that there isn't enough room for them.

This stroller did what it needed to do for us. I found it to be quite large when folded in my trunk. The straps were big and I was never able to adjust them to be small enough for my daughter. Not knowing any better, I thought it was good- THEN I got a jogging stroller. Plastic 6 inch wheels do not even compare to air filled 12" tires that swivel! I will use the jogging stroller with an attachment for the next kid. Forget the travel system- I will use my Baby Jogger- City Elite stroller- a much better stroller that can grow with your child-- up to 80 lbs!

Bought the Chicco for my 4th child. I hated that the top canopy didn't protect her more from the sun and rain.

Love this stroller/car seat system. I love that it holds the infant up to 30 lbs, most others only hold the infant to 22 lbs. We have the Cubes design- it's very modern-looking, gender-neutral, and our daughter can sleep in it for hours comfortably when I am out and about. It's easy to assemble, transport, etc. The stroller does take up a lot of room in our trunk though.

I did a lot of research before choosing this stroller system. The car seat is very safe and i love having the different bases to click in and out of each car (we have three- my parents, husband and myself). The stroller is very easy to fold and unfold and maneuvers pretty well. It is really big when folded and was hard to get in my car at first. I wish the sun shade on both the car seat and stroller covered a little more area. If I was to do it all again, I might not get a whole travel system. I would definitely get the same car seat, but I might want a lighter stroller. I still love both though and would certainly recommend them, but for our needs a big stroller isn't as necessary as we thought. We like to use the Ergo carrier.

Both my boys did great with the system. The stroller provided great coverage from the elements and it was a smooth ride! Comfortable for the parents to use and the wheels did a great job steering. My biggest issue with the system is the weight! I had to cut back on the coverage with a new stroller just so it was easier for me to get it in and out of car.

We have this stroller in a CUTE girl design. We purchased this because we were sick of carting around a full size stroller. This is the perfect design between an umbrella stroller(too small and not enough features) and the large(heavy, bulky). Will pass this one on!!

This system was one of the few items we bought new when we found out we were pregnant (first grandkid on both sides so we got A LOT of stuff). This was also one of the most expensive, but it was absolutely worth it. The base is great, it makes it so much easier to get him in and out of the car. The stroller is awesome but we had a hard time figuring out how to get the flap in the front down (it was blocking his feet from hanging out, which is fine when they're a newborn) and the straps are difficult to tighten. Other than that, there haven't been any issues.

Amazing I loved loved loved this system when my little one was...well - little. He is now 2 and on to the next thing, but when he was just a little bean I loved the option of attaching the wheels right on to the car seat so I didn't have to take him out and put him in a stroller when he was sleeping. My husband picked it because it had big wheels. Men!

I used this travel system for my children and absolutely loved it. I loved that the car seat hooked to the stroller for walks with a newborn. The stroller seat also adjusts to lay back or sit up. The stroller folds up easily also.

I love this travel set. The car seat was great my daughter never fused to get in and it was not all that heavy to carry around. And the stroller folds up easy and fits in the trunk of our car with room to spare. I like the different positions that you can have the back rest. Any time we walk by the stroller and it's but up my daughter want to get it out and sit in it. She just loves it too

I simply love this stroller set it was perfect for my baby girl when we brought her home we didn't have to buy any extras. Safety was also awesome on this set. I did a lot of research on which stroller set I would use and this one was number 1! I will keep this brand now and in the future!

This is the best travel system lasted through 3 kids and my soon to be 4 th will use it also!!!

We got this travel system in Adventure (brown and green) for our son, but plan on using it for our future children as well. The stroller moves very smoothly, is easy to fold, and seems very comfy for baby (ours is still in the car seat). The car seat is easy to put in and out of the stroller. I love the car seat base. It was easy to level in the car due to the adjustable piece at the back of it. No having to use a rolled up towel or pool noodle piece! I bought this set based on the great reviews it has, and I can see why they're so great! Also, when purchasing this, check out Chicco's website. I got $100 off by ordering directly through them!

We purchased the green one for my daughter and absolutely love this travel system, babies r us had this one and the sales guy there gave us amazing statistics and reviews on this stroller so we were convinced that this was the one that we wanted. it has worked great and Kailee really seems to love it when she was first born and we had so many errands to run during the first few weeks and slept through most of the day while being in this carseat