Garnier Skin Renew Anti-Puff Eye Roller

Garnier Skin Renew Anti-Puff Eye Roller

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It does feel good while you are rolling it on, but I could not see any improvement under my eyes. One of my daughters keeps hers in the refrigerator. She says it feels even better when rolled on after it is chilled.

this doesn't really rid of dark circles , but it's good for removing puffiness & smoothing out the eye area, concealer goes on better after use of this !

I didn't see any changes in my dark circles, but I do like the moisturizing effect.

I also find that this product helps with the puffiness but has not lightened my under eye circles. The rolling ball action is very therapeutic though. Product does last a long time as not much is needed per application.

I used this for a few weeks (however long you're supposed to use it before you see results) but didn't really see any changes. I don't think I'd buy this again but I do have to say it feels really nice when you're tired or puffy.

its pretty cool, but then i didn't notice much of a change. i gave it 3 stars because of the cool design and the easy roller-ball. i wish USA would have the cooler one that overseas has where the liquid is tinted with a concealer as well.

the cool roller ball with the gel feels vey soothing under my eyes and doesn't irritate my allergies like many skincare products do. It reduces the redness and puffiness under my eyes too.

Actually, really works on my puffy eyes. (Which I attribute to living around Cedar Trees and a high-maintenance early-rising 3-yr-old.) Can't believe it, but it does. THANK GOD. Worth whatever price it is (but of course I used a coupon). :-)

Sorry, I don't know how to post a comment without having to put up the stars! Anywhozel, iT SOUNDS GREAT!!! Why do I never find this stuff in my drugstore!?! I mean, I know I'm living in hicksville and everything, but still! It doesn't matter, point is, it's just the thing I need to get rid of my bags the natural way. Concealer somehow illuminates the bags and makes them look worse, but if I could get rid of them the natural way... hoopla!!!! I am so tired of my bags! They started out as just a sign of tiredness, but now they're horrifying! I would love a free sample of this. I don't know if you ask through the reviews or some other way. Point is, it's sweet, sweet relief. God bless you Garnier!

I entered a contest last month to win one of these, I hope I win because I really want to try it!

I have never used this, my 5 Star rating is for Ganier, as a company. They actually listen to their customers and they seem to care. I had a complaint about their Nutritioniste face wipes, but I had throw out my receipt. I emailed my complaint to them at, put in my UPC, Lot#, and price paid. I got a coupon in my mailbox like three days later for ANY Garnier product- FREE. Great company!

I'm back to report on the eye roller. I've noticed a little bit of improvement, but I like how it seems to make me sleepy for some reason. Since I use it right before I go to sleep, I definitely like that aspect. Since I'm usually the one that has some sort of strange reaction, I'm sure it's the opposite for everyone else (especially since it contains caffeine).

I really like this. I use it daily. Not sure if I have seen any major differences in the dark circles but it sure feels good. Not sticky or goopy.