Simple Smoothing Facial Scrub

Simple Smoothing Facial Scrub

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Thanks for the chance to try this product! I like that it's gentle for sensitive skin and that it's unscented. A lot of my moisturizers/lotions/soaps/etc. do almost a scent battle with each other - I don't have to worry about that with this line. I also like that it's all-natural. I like that it's a gentle exfoliator; however, my one complaint would be the granules are quite large so it's a little troublesome getting all the product off my face. All in all, though, I would recommend this product - can't beat the price and the availabiltiy (I'm seeing this product line everywhere now!

made my skin smooth. has a nice amount of creaminess and grittiness. didn't leave my skin dry. pleasant scent.

This is a great product that had just enough 'oomph' to get the dead cells off my face. I don't like other scrub products because the granules tend to be too small and not satisfying. However, this product was quite effective. I do have sensitive skin, and this product did not irritate me at all. In fact, I have been using another scrub, and when I switched to try this product, it has decreased the redness on my face. Thank you for making a great product that contains everything I want and nothing I don't! Even the 'luxury' products can't compare to what this scrub can do for me. Thanks for keeping it Simple!

I just started using this scrub a few days ago. I have really dry skin so I was worried it would make it worse... I was wrong, my skin looks better! My Skin is softer and feels nice and fresh. Loving this product!

Got this today and used it the exfoliate my face tonight. I love it! It has the perfect litter scrubers in it. And I think I read they're from rice. I like the whole idea of having more gentle skin care. Very happy with all my Simple skin care products. That is about all I use anymore.

I really like the facial scrub! It sloughed off the dead skin cells and left my face and skin so smooth and fresh looking! I love that it is for sensitive skin and doesn't contain any unnecessary chemicals. I would certainly recommend this product and have already done so. It's a no-brainer that I will be adding this to my skin regimen. Thank you, She Speaks, for the opportunity to try to fabulous product.

Love it,i actually just wrote my full reveiew on the other shespeaks anyways ive only used this twice and already my skin is softer. I didnt realize how much dead skin was on my face. It felt so refreshing after using,the granules in this didnt feel like they were scraping my face either,like other products ive used in the past. I dont have sensitive skin, its more oily,but it still helped controll the oily tzone a bit. Super product. I cant wait to continue using to see the full benefits to my face. And i plan on purchasing the Simple skincare moisterizer now as well. Im so thankful i was chosen to sample and review this product. I will surely recommend this to others. 5 stars hands down.

I love that it removes the dead cells and really cleans my skin!!!

I like the way my skins feels after use. I know that it is clean.

Love how the rice powder made my skin smooth and soft. Noticed a difference right away. Only thing I didn't care for was the scent. Had a weird scent. Other than that, I really like it!

Great product. No awful smell and no awful feel when using. Seems to brighten up my skin and slough off all those dry flakes. This one is a keeper!

Very good product- my skin feels smooth and refresh. i also liked how there isnt a smell and all the vitamins - LOVE IT

It felt really nice on my skin. It did not irritate my skin at all.

I like the idea of getting deepened cleaning. it did sting a little but we just got back from the beach so I may be a little sun burned. My husband is trying it next