Simple Smoothing Facial Scrub

Simple Smoothing Facial Scrub

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I love face washes and scrubs. This scrub is something yet to be desired. There are scrubbing beads that are too rough. They actually hurt, and feel more like a sandpaper sanding. I would have enjoyed this product if the beads were smaller and more gentle. The scent was okay, boarderlining a cleaning solvent. My face did feel really clean, however I wish that the process was more enjoyable.

Awful stuff, tired of product companies claiming how "good" their products are when they have stuff like parabens, pthalates, petrochemicals, etc. Nothing "natural" or "clean" about the products in my opinion, which is based on the research of the ingredients. I appreciate the opportunity to have found this out when I got it.

Did not enjoy the facial scrub. Did not smell good or feel like it did a very good job.

I must have received a different product. I exfoliate OFTEN and this product is not my favorite by far. I felt like the beads were way to big, rough, not may of them. I prefer a fine grain bead with a lot of them. This felt like little rocks instead of a scrub. Disappointed! Thanks for the free product though.

I have fairly sensitive skin, and I got a rash after using this product. I tried again a few days later, and the same thing happened. I use other (harsher) exfoliators with no problem, but this one seemed to irritate my skin. On the plus side, this product smelled really nice - like the cucumber water at the spa - light and refreshing.

It is too harsh for my skin and it did not suds up the way I like

I was excited to try this but the scrubbing particles are too big & not refined. This is also not enoughh to thoroughly cleanse my skin as I still feel like I have residue left on my face & have to clean it again with another product. I did try the refreshing facial wash gel & like that much better. I also want to try the light moisturizer & eye balm.

I really wanted to like this product, in fact I loved the feel as I was using it. But it caused me to break-out within a a few days. I continued to use it in case my skin was just getting used to it, but the acne just got worse. I'm not sure why I thought this would be a natural product, perhaps the packaging is misleading? It has all the same chemicals as the other name brands.

I don't feel this product cleans my face that great. Add in that it is not oil free and I feel it leaves my face oily throughout the day. Moreover, I have noticed that sometimes I have to wash my face twice because I don't think it thoroughly cleans my face.

I like the idea of getting deepened cleaning. it did sting a little but we just got back from the beach so I may be a little sun burned. My husband is trying it next

I've tried the Simple Smoothing Facial Scrub a few times now. I feel the rice granules are too large and there are too few of them. I prefer the St Ives product - it contains lots of little granules. The product is also difficult to rinse off entirely. A couple times my skin felt tight and I am assuming that is because I didn't rinse enough. Again St Ives is better in this regard, a simple rinse is sufficient. i would just give this product a 3 out of 5.

I would say that the scrub was just "Okay". I like a finer scrub with lots of "grit", and this has bigger granules and not many of them. I also wish it had a scent. I didn't detect any citrus scent, either, like some have mentioned. I also had to start using it in the shower, as it seemed hard to rinse off. I don't think I would spend money on another tube.

I wasn't a huge fan. I have to admit I was disappointed to look on the ingredient list and see parabens. That kind of threw a wrench into my intial thought of the product. From the package coloring, the website, and wordings on the product, I thought it would be a 'green' product and it just isn't...I know my review isn't and unbiased veiw, but I am not a fan of putting certain chemicals on my face. I am glad to see that other people have great things to say, so if you aren't a 'green' person, you just may like this product!

Not to be cynical--I'm very grateful for a free product--but this facial scrub is pretty much like any other facial scrub I've used. I noticed the price of the product when I visited Walgreens and now, having tried it, I would probably opt for my regular $3 generic facial scrub that seems to do just as well at exfoliating and hydrating my skin. The smell is not very pleasing to me although it's not noxious by any means. It does seem to leave a "soapy" feeling when I wash it off (perhaps partially due to my well water) but that does make me think that it is hydrating my skin. Overall, it's fine. It does it's job.

This scrub was gentle enough for my skin, but I don't really feel I got an benefit from it. It doesn't take the place of cleanser for me and I think the clarisonic brush exfoliates better for me than a scrub. I think my skin is too sensitive for scrubs that really do anything. So, while this scrub is nice because it didn't damage my skin, it didn't provide me with any extra cleansing/exfoliating. I agree that the granules in this scrub are a little large and sparse.