Sensodyne Iso-Active Multi-Action Toothpaste

Sensodyne Iso-Active Multi-Action Toothpaste

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expensive, messy, and didn't leave my mouth feeling super fresh.

Loved it! Really foamy and great tasting.

Really love the product and it does work. I told my grandmother and mother about it and they also went and bought some and are now able to eat drink cold things. It foams in your mouth so it feels like your getting your teeth extra clean. Only bad things are the after taste isnt so good and the top is like a mousse can. After your done getting what you need it still keeps coming out and its a waste. I will keep buying this though because its a great product. Thanks for letting me try this and the coupons.

I love how easy it is to use. I love the stand-up can and how easy the toothpaste comes out without making a mess. The taste was strange, at first, but I got used to it after awhile. What amazed me was the fact that my teeth were no longer sensitive to cold after only one use!! I definitely will be this from now on!

I really liked it. The flavor and the foaming action is FAR superior than any of the tubes of Sensodyne. It took a while to get used to the pump (was squirting out too much) and I wish the can had the clear strip up the side so you can see when it's low, but those are the only complaints. Made my teeth feel better, and that the most important thing!

Liked the not overwhelming flavor. HATED the container. Don't like the film/residue that results. It's just icky with shaving gel, but when it's from something that will end up in my mouth, it's plain gross... helped some with sensitivity.

I loved it. The container is great. I like the way it stands up and my teeth felt clean and were way less sensitive. We will be using the Iso Active from now on.

I have been using regular Sensodyne for years due to extreme sensitivity. It has helped but I still a problem with cold. I had high hope for the iso-active and have been using it for awhile now and have not noticed a difference. I find the dispenser to be messy, both getting the gel onto the toothbrush as well as residual left that dries on the outside. The flavor is dull and my mouth doesn't feel fresh. All in all, I'll stick to the regular Sensodyne which is not as expensive as the iso-active.

I LOVE THIS REVIEW.... and I have to say I to love this product. The foam gives you a deep down clean. 5 Stars for me

This Toothpaste Rocks!!!!! Love The Foaming Action Really Makes My Mouth Feel Clean.

I love the foaming action but i am not crazy about the after taste. It works great but it runs out of the pump so it has to be cleaned after every use but agian it works.

Love the dispenser and the foaming action are great. will buy this product for sure. I have noticed a small diverance in the sensitivity to cold

I love the container and the toothpaste and I do love the foaming effect. The only thing I think it needs is a more (mild, not too strong) minty flavor to give some more freshness after brushing, but I think eventually they will make more flavors. I have not noticed any side effects or gotten my teeth more sensitive because of this toothpaste (like others said). I think the bottle looks very modern and looks great near the sink rather than messy tubes...

I love the product. It leaves a great clean feeling in my mouth.

I love the product. It leaves a great clean feeling in my mouth.